Lala Kent Shares Excitement and Challenges of Second Pregnancy

Lala Kent Shares Excitement and Challenges of Second Pregnancy

Lala Kent is expecting her second child, expanding her family. Her daughter, Ocean, will turn three on March 15th. With baby number two, a major struggle arises. Lala Kent, from Vanderpump Rules, is candid about it. Want to know more? Keep reading.

When Lala Kent had Ocean, she was engaged to Randall Emmett. However, Emmett turned out to be unfaithful. Despite this, Kent desired more children.

She realized she didn’t need a husband to fulfill that dream. Recently, she began IUI treatments, similar to IVF but with differences. She also found a donor she felt connected to.

A week ago, Kent announced her second pregnancy. She shared a photo showing her small baby bump, with Ocean beside her. She also shared a picture of them taking vitamins, hers being prenatal.

Now, she opens up about the biggest struggle during her second pregnancy. During an Amazon Live session, Kent, 33, shared the moment she told Ocean she’d be a big sister. Ocean is currently the younger sister to Randall Emmett’s daughters from his previous marriage.

Lala Kent and Emmett’s ex-wife, Ambyr Childers, are close. They even celebrated Ocean’s birthday together as a family recently. When Kent had to tell Ocean about her upcoming sibling, she mentioned that Ocean is very perceptive and curious.

Kent plans to shower her with love. The hardest part might be when Ocean goes to her father’s home without the baby. But Kent has a solution for that.

Kent is making sure Ocean knows this baby is hers. She wants Ocean to never feel replaced. Kent loves Ocean so much that she wonders how she could love another as deeply.

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