Vanderpump Rules Season 10 Reunion Trailer Is Here – Scandal, Tears, and Confrontation

Vanderpump Rules Season 10 Reunion Trailer Is Here - Scandal, Tears, and Confrontation

You better buckle up, because the Season 10 reunion trailer has just dropped, and it’s promising more explosive drama than we’ve ever seen before. Host Andy Cohen isn’t holding back, teasing a reunion that’s “more dramatic than anything we’ve seen in the show’s 10-year history.” And let’s be honest, that’s saying a lot! But, with the Scandoval scandal fresh in our minds, are we really surprised?

Vanderpump Rules: Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss: The Affair That Rocked SUR

If you’ve been following this season, you know that the main drama comes from Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss‘ months-long affair, leading to Tom’s breakup with his girlfriend of nine years, Ariana Madix. In the three-part special, these two are definitely feeling the heat.

Ariana Madix is understandably emotional, sobbing in the trailer and snapping at Tom: “Don’t even f–king look at me. You don’t deserve to look at this.” And believe us, she’s not the only one coming for Tom and Raquel.

Vanderpump Rules: The Cast’s Fiery Reactions

Backstage, Ariana Madix doesn’t mince words about her feelings, calling Tom and Raquel “f–king rats” and predicting nothing good will come for them. And it seems she’s right. The whole cast gets in on the roasting, with James Kennedy going off on his former fiancée, calling her a “backstabbing hoe” and Tom “a worm with a mustache.”

Ariana Madix doesn’t hold back either, confronting her former BFF and labeling her actions as “diabolical, demented, and sub-human.” Yikes! Talk about friendships gone sour.

During a break from the drama, Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss find a moment to regroup off-set. They’re feeling the heat, with Tom pointing out that the cast is making them out to be “pathological liars.” Raquel agrees, but both maintain they know they’re not.

Vanderpump Rules: The Million Dollar Question

Amid all the chaos, Andy Cohen asks the one question on everyone’s mind: “Tom, you are in love?” Well, we’ll just have to wait and see what Tom has to say about that, won’t we?

Vanderpump Rules: The Scandoval Backstory

For those who might’ve missed the drama, Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss’s affair first came to light in March, with fans picking up on clues of their secret romance as Season 10 played out on TV. Tom later revealed in an interview with Howie Mandel that he and Raquel started their affair last August while filming the season.

After the news went public, both Tom and Raquel apologized to Ariana for their relationship. Tom admitted he “handled s–t wrong” and said in a March 8 Instagram statement, “Nothing is excusable for what I did. I definitely deserve the hate.”

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