Lala Kent vs Raquel Leviss – Unpacking the Vanderpump Rules Drama

Lala Kent vs Raquel Leviss - Unpacking the Vanderpump Rules Drama

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent has been open about her disdain for co-star Raquel Leviss since Season 7. This animosity stemmed from unkind remarks Raquel made about Lala and her consistent defense of her now ex-fiancé, James Kennedy, despite his questionable behavior. However, it seems Season 10 has been the worst one yet for the pair. Lala made a bold claim about Raquel that fans vehemently disagree with. Let’s dive into the drama.

Vanderpump Rules: The Claim That’s Sparking Debates

Lala Kent has never been shy about expressing her dislike for Raquel Leviss. Their relationship took a complicated turn in Season 10 when they both found themselves single. However, as fans have observed, Raquel Leviss appeared to have grown a bit too arrogant. The season was supposed to wrap up with the episode aired on May 10th. But then, the ‘Scandoval’ scandal broke, cameras went back up, and an extra episode was added. Lala Kent claimed that, had Raquel not had an affair with her best friend’s boyfriend, she would have “won” the season. Fans beg to differ.

Vanderpump Rules: Raquel’s Track Record: Not So Sparkly

Regardless of her alleged affair with Tom Sandoval, Raquel’s reputation has been marred by a series of questionable actions. She’s known to have kissed two married men, one of them being Tom Schwartz. Additionally, she has been involved in a rude confrontation with Katie Maloney’s mother, Teri. Given this track record, fans find it hard to see how Raquel could have “won” the season.

A Reddit thread was initiated to debate whether Raquel really could have “won” the season. The original poster (OP) wrote, “Lala has said several times on her podcast that if it hadn’t been for Scandoval, Rachel would’ve ‘won the season.'” The OP openly disagreed with this statement, pointing out all of Raquel’s missteps throughout the season.

Fans were torn between Lala Kent and Raquel Leviss. Some believed Raquel was a decent person until she got caught up in the ‘Scandoval’ scandal. Others thought she had always been a problematic character, even without the Sandoval incident.

Vanderpump Rules: Could Empathy Have Been Raquel’s Saving Grace?

Some fans suggested that Lala meant people might have had empathy for Raquel, seeing her as a lost soul trying to find her way. They appreciated her journey of self-discovery and emancipation from James. Yet, this perspective does not excuse her actions, such as kissing Schwartz, disrespecting Teri Maloney, and displaying a stark shift in character. If these actions are seen as winning, then what truly constitutes losing?

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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