Lala Kent Opens Up About Her Summer Pregnancy Plans

Lala Kent Opens Up About Her Summer Pregnancy Plans

Lala Kent, the stunning reality star, is no stranger to candid talks about her life and plans. Recently, she got candid again, this time about her upcoming pregnancy plans. And it seems like she’s eager to have a “bun in the oven” this summer.

Lala Kent’s Journey as a Mom

Lala Kent, who shares a beautiful daughter named Ocean with Randall Emmett, has previously voiced her thoughts about extending her family. The little one just celebrated her second birthday, and if it was up to Ocean, her mom would already be on her way to giving her a sibling.

In a sweet interaction on her Instagram Story, Lala Kent shared that she asked Ocean about having another baby. The response? The tot looked up at a sign in her playroom and shared that she wanted to name the baby “Blue Lion.” A chuckling Lala hinted that her daughter may have just coined the next baby’s name.

However, there’s more to Lala’s story than just a new baby on the horizon. As a single mother sharing custody with Randall, she’s been honest about the struggles she’s faced. The reality star is looking to shake things up for her next pregnancy journey, with a clear goal of not wanting to share custody this time around.

Plans for the Future

On her popular podcast, Give Them Lala, she spilled some more details about her pregnancy plans. She revealed her intention to explore sperm donors this summer. That means fans could potentially hear pregnancy news pretty soon.

But Lala Kent is proceeding with caution. She spoke of a custody case where a mother, having used a sperm donor, later found a partner who integrated into their lives so well that he managed to secure 50/50 custody. Determined to avoid a similar situation, Lala is preparing to set clear boundaries.

Caution and Care

The advice Lala Kent has received is to avoid letting a future partner become part of her child’s routine, to not share a house, or even allow this man to do mundane things like pick up or drop off her child at school.

While having a baby via a sperm donor doesn’t automatically prevent shared custody, Lala’s strategy is to be proactive in ensuring that doesn’t happen to her. She is committed to making sure her future child and herself have a stable, predictable family structure.

The Lala Kent Baby Story Continues

Lala Kent’s pregnancy plans reveal a lot about her growth as a mother and her dedication to ensuring her child’s wellbeing. Using a sperm donor and potentially becoming a single parent to another child is a decision she seems to have taken thoughtfully, with her child’s best interests at heart. As we follow Lala’s journey, it will be interesting to see how she navigates her future pregnancy, maintaining her straightforward approach in sharing her life’s ups and downs.

In all, Lala’s candidness about her future plans offers a unique, inspiring story for mothers and aspiring mothers alike. Whether it’s welcoming a new “Blue Lion” or navigating the complexities of motherhood and custody, Lala is set on her path and ready for the journey ahead.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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