Ariana Madix Confronts Cheating Ex on Vanderpump Rules Season Finale

Ariana Madix Confronts Cheating Ex on Vanderpump Rules Season Finale

It’s been the talk of the Bravo world for weeks: the impending cheating scandal on Vanderpump Rules. And now, it looks like viewers are finally going to get some answers.

In a dramatic preview for the season 10 finale, we see Ariana Madix finally confront her ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval about his alleged affair with Raquel Leviss. The scene is tense, emotional, and full of raw feelings, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

Here’s what we know about this explosive storyline and what to expect from the upcoming finale.

Vanderpump Rules: The Cheating Scandal

The rumors of Tom Sandoval’s infidelity began to swirl earlier in the season when James Kennedy’s girlfriend Ally Lewber claimed to have seen Tom and Raquel together at The Abbey late one night. This sparked a wave of gossip and speculation, which eventually led to Katie Maloney being accused of spreading rumors about Tom and Ariana’s supposed open relationship.

Throughout all of this, Tom maintained his innocence, insisting that he and Raquel were just friends. But as the tension continued to build, it became clear that something explosive was going to happen.

Vanderpump Rules: The Confrontation

In the preview clip for the season finale, we see Ariana confront Tom directly about his relationship with Raquel. Things quickly escalate as Ariana accuses Tom of lying about the nature of their friendship.

“I don’t give a fk about fking Raquel! Your friendship is fing bullst!” Ariana screams at Tom.

Tom tries to defend himself, but Ariana doesn’t back down. “Yes it is!” she insists.

Finally, Ariana drops a bombshell on Tom: “I regret ever loving you,” she says, clearly devastated by the situation.

Vanderpump Rules: Fans React

The preview clip has sent shockwaves through the Vanderpump Rules fan community, with many expressing excitement and anticipation for the upcoming finale.

“This is the Bravo Super Bowl, and I have my wings, dip, and am seated,” one fan tweeted.

Another fan exclaimed, “GET HIM ARIANA!!!!!!!”

Still, others expressed sympathy for the pain that Ariana is clearly feeling in the clip.

“I feel so bad for Ariana,” one viewer wrote. “She deserves so much better.”

Vanderpump Rules: What’s Next?

As we approach the season finale, fans are eager to find out what will happen next. Will Tom Sandoval finally come clean about his alleged affair? Will Ariana be able to move on from the heartbreak?

One thing is for sure: this season of Vanderpump Rules is going out with a bang. And fans won’t want to miss a single moment of the explosive drama.

Written by Evelyn Foster

Evelyn Foster is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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