My 600-lb Life: What Was Destinee Lashaee’s Cause Of Death?

My 600-lb Life: What Was Destinee Lashaee's Cause Of Death?

Destinee Lashaee made history by becoming the first transgender actress in season 7. She played a 27-year-old woman from Louisiana, living in Los Angeles, who wanted to make a big change in her life and move on.

She was born a man named Matthew, but because she preferred to be a woman, she wanted to undergo gender reassignment surgery. But although she loved her curves, her addiction to food to escape depression and pain caused her life to deteriorate as she weighed 669 pounds.

Destinee Lashaee’s problems with food started at an early age, as she was born to a teenage mother and was placed in the foster care system as a child.

On top of this, her struggles with her gender and sexual identity also led to a traumatic childhood, which forced her to eat as much as she could and weigh around 350 kilos at the age of 15. She came out to her family members at the age of 18, but unfortunately her identity was shamed. She later started to present her fluid identity on social media as a way of embracing herself and coping with her problems.

Unfortunately, Destinee Lashaee’s mental and weight problems did not end there, as she also traumatically lost her brother, who died from complications following a minor surgical procedure. This devastated her deeply and she was unable to process the news before appearing on the show. Her decision to take part in the show was also a result of this distressing event, as she later had suicidal thoughts due to depression, as she said on the show.

But once Destinee got a positive mindset, she was ready to make a change for herself and get out of a fatal life situation. That’s how she met Dr. Now, and after being advised to follow a calorie-restricted diet, she accepted, despite initial difficulties. She made a steady and remarkable effort, and the progress was visible on the scales as she lost a healthy 229 kilos and weighed 440 kilos by the end of the episode.

My 600-lb Life: What Was Destinee Lashaee’s Cause Of Death?

Destinee had also managed to lose a significant amount of weight after taking part in the show, losing around 500 kilos. She gained more confidence and shared several updates and pictures of her transformation on social media. She was thorough with her fitness goals and committed to a healthy lifestyle after moving to Houston. However, this later turned out to be a superficial emotion for her, as internally she was still struggling with her mental health.

He filed a lawsuit against the show’s production company, Megalomedia, along with several other actors in 2020. They claimed that the producers were allegedly negligent of the actors’ emotional wellbeing and exploited their mental health and anxiety problems through inappropriate behaviour. This allegedly even made her suicidal after the show as the death of her brother was a very personal matter for her.

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