What Angela Gutierrez From My 600-Lb Life Is Doing Today

What Angela Gutierrez From My 600-Lb Life Is Doing Today

“My 600-Lb Life” featured Angela Gutierrez, a controversial actress. Wondering what happened to her post-episode? Angela had weight loss surgery before appearing on the show.

By the time she reached just over 600 pounds, she decided she needed to lose weight and fast. She felt it was her last chance, otherwise it could cost her her life. Fans were determined and realized the gravity of the situation. They were in for an exciting and successful weight loss journey.

Fans were quite disappointed at the end of her episode when they discovered she had barely started the programme. Despite moving from Ohio to Houston with the help of her ex-boyfriend, Angela couldn’t really commit to the weight loss programme.

According to Angela’s social media accounts, she decided to quit and return home. She will continue her weight loss journey without Dr. Nowzaradan. A few months later, she called Dr. Now, where she shared that she is still on her weight loss journey.

What Angela Gutierrez From My 600-Lb Life Is Doing Today

During the call, Angela Gutierrez told Dr. Now how much weight she had lost. Even though she showed about 608 pounds on the broadcast, Angela told Dr. Now that she had lost 120 pounds during the phone call.

Even though she had had weight loss surgery in the past, Dr. Now was a little unsure of the numbers Angela told him. She admitted she looked leaner and no longer needed the oxygen mask that helped her breathe. But, Dr. Now thought she shouldn’t have stuck to the weight loss plan that was giving her such results.

Fans will remember the Season 7 actress because she was totally out of it because she couldn’t use the toilet because she wasn’t disabled.

Angela’s decision to leave the show was largely made possible by the fact that she didn’t have a reliable “caretaker” structure. The mother of two had to rely on her ex-boyfriend to get her to Houston after her life in Ohio was rearranged. Her daughter has multiple sclerosis and needs a lot of care for herself. Her son, who was her caregiver, got a job that did not allow him to remain her primary caregiver. He also cared for his cousin’s daughter.

Angela has faced quite difficult times, one of them being that she had to go through a weight loss course to have her first operation. Another was being accused of attempted suicide and losing custody of her children. Angela is one of the few people who left the series of her own volition. She shared that she has no regrets about leaving ‘My 600-Lb Life’. Fans wish her success in her weight loss journey.

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