What Happened To Pauline Potter After Season 3 Of “My 600-Lb Life

What Happened To Pauline Potter After Season 3 Of "My 600-Lb Life

Pauline Potter was on season 3 of My 600-Lb Life. She was once the heaviest woman in the world, weighing over 700 pounds in 2011. At 51 years old, Pauline faced health issues and relied on her son for help. She decided to seek assistance to improve her situation. Although she won’t be in Season 12, there’s still interest in her story.

During the show, Dr. Now faced resistance from some patients, including Pauline. She weighed 643 pounds when she started and struggled with the 1200-calorie diet. At one point, she gave up on losing weight entirely. Pauline almost missed out on weight loss surgery because she gained weight during the show. Her highest weight under Dr. Now’s care was 678 pounds. Fans appreciate Dr. Now’s straightforward approach.

My 600-Lb Life’ Star Pauline Potter Qualifies for Skin Removal Surgery After Epic 300-Pound Loss

Pauline Potter started losing weight and lost 44 pounds. Dr. Now approved her surgery. After the surgery, Pauline had a tough time because she kept gaining weight instead of losing more quickly. She later admitted to struggling with a pain medication addiction. This addiction was a challenge for her. Eventually, she overcame it and lost about 300 pounds to qualify for skin removal surgery. It seemed like Pauline was determined to succeed in her weight loss journey after appearing on My 600-Lb Life season 3.

Pauline, once the World’s Heaviest Female, now holds the record on My 600-Lb Life for losing the most weight. She stopped her weight loss journey in 2019 after shedding 520 pounds. Originally from California, she lived in Houston, Texas for years before deciding to return home.

Pauline’s success story on My 600-Lb Life is inspiring. Changing habits and being on reality TV can be tough, but she overcame the challenges. Hopefully, more success stories will come out of My 600-Lb Life in the future.

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