What Is Charles Bridgeman Up To After My 600-lb Life?

What Is Charles Bridgeman Up To After My 600-lb Life?

Charles Bridgeman from Everett, Washington, was featured in the Season 12 finale of My 600-lb Life. Charles, in his early 30s, had battled a severe addiction to food, which replaced his previous meth addiction.

His drug use led to homelessness and arrest, but he eventually went to rehab and got clean. However, his food addiction persisted, causing him to reach over 700 pounds.

My 600-lb Life: Living with Family and Seeking Help

At the start of his episode, Charles was living with his brother, Brad, and sister, Cheyana. Brad took on the role of caregiver, helping Charles with daily tasks.

Despite butting heads with Dr. Now, Charles managed to lose weight and was approved for bariatric surgery. However, he chose to stay in Everett instead of moving to Houston for the surgery.

My 600-lb Life: Current Status and Weight Loss Progress

Since appearing on the show, Charles Bridgeman has continued his weight loss journey in Everett. According to his Facebook profile, he remains committed to his health, regularly engaging in outdoor activities with his dogs. By the end of his episode, Charles had reduced his weight to 604 pounds.

In September 2023, Charles shared a significant update: “Omg down to 385,” he wrote on Facebook. It’s unclear if this weight loss resulted solely from dieting and exercise or if he eventually opted for bariatric surgery. Regardless, his progress is impressive, and he continues to work towards his goals.

Written by Christine Cohan

Christine Cohan is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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