What Happened To Brandon Scott From My 600-lb Life?

What Happened To Brandon Scott From My 600-lb Life?

Brandon Scott appeared in season 7 of the show. He was 33 years old and weighed 718 pounds. He felt trapped in his body. He lived in Columbus, Ohio, with his girlfriend Tayler. Tayler helped him with daily activities and took care of his food. She felt like her body was a prison.

Brandon’s eating habits started in his difficult childhood. His parents fought a lot, so he used food to find comfort. He became addicted and gained weight. He got defensive about his size, even with his mother.

In college, Brandon’s relationship with his father fell apart. He found out about his father’s infidelity and they had a big argument. Brandon gave up his dream of going to Italy to become a soap opera singer.

Food was always with Brandon. By the time he was 27, he gained over 600 kilos. He met Tayler and she motivated him to change his life. They went to Houston to get professional help from Dr. Now. Tayler had to lose 120 pounds in two months for surgery because of lymphedema.

What Happened To Brandon Scott From My 600-lb Life?

Brandon’s weight loss journey was a success. He followed the program diligently. He worked out, ate limited calories, and kept a food diary. Tayler supported him and they followed the diet together. After two months, Brandon lost 141 pounds, exceeding his goal. He weighed 577 pounds and qualified for surgery.

Brandon Scott had gastric bypass surgery. By the end of his journey, he weighed 383 kilos, losing 335 kilos. He also had therapy with Lola Clay to address his emotional issues.

After the show, Brandon continued his weight loss program and therapy. He pursued his passion for music and started performing. He decided to move to Nashville.

A year and a half later, Brandon weighed 265 pounds and was approved for surgery to remove excess skin. But because of his music performances, he postponed the surgery. He got engaged to Tayler in 2019 and they got married on October 3, 2020, despite the pandemic.

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Written by Christine Cohan

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