Sister Wives: Just How Deep Are Kody’s Pockets?

Sister Wives: Just How Deep Are Kody’s Pockets?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is in a position that would bring most people down in the same position in a corner somewhere. So far, the family leader has spent nearly $2 million to secure housing with half of his purchases still unoccupied. The problem here is that no one lives in his house forever, where a good part of that money has gone. Now Kody Brown’s daughter, Mykelti Brown Padron, weighs in during a recent interview.

Sister Wives: Just How Deep Are Kody’s Pockets?

If you add up all the money Kody Brown has spent on land and housing in Flagstaff, that’s a lot. This amounts to just under $2 million. The sum includes the $820,000 he spent on vacant land that should now contain houses. Then add the two houses he bought with two of his ‘Sister Wives’ ladies. Through his own confession, Kody Brown is wading through his troubled waters of finance.

Under Kody’s guidance, the adult Sister Wives have tied themselves with nearly $2 million in deeds of ownership and rents, so they can have a roof over their heads. According to reports, Kody Brown continues to disburse two rents a month along with several mortgages. Meri Brown’s rental house costs $4,500 a month and Janelle’s small rental house costs them $2,900 a month.

Do the math, a single year’s rent costs them almost $90,000 and is not money they will ever recover. Originally it was a temporary solution, but now two years have passed. Then they pay the mortgage on the house where Robyn Brown lives and which they own. That place cost $890,000.

The first real estate property that Sister Wives’ celebrity bought in Flagstaff was Christine Brown’s house. This cost $520,000 and Kody bet $390,000 on that house. The down payment they made for Robyn’s house was $667,500. After buying the house where Robyn is located, Kody took out an “emergency” loan on the capital of that house for $150,000.

They have a few children in college and many others who have moved up the ranks, soon to university age. While the reality TV series TLC is paying them, their pay can’t cover all the asses they’ve acquired and the resulting ongoing bills. Reports indicate that this network pays a minimum wage.

So the Sister Wives clan, rich in cash and real estate, has spent the last two seasons in limbo when it comes to home sweet home. Their homes forever on Coyote Pass must seem like a distant dream right now.

Mykelti Brown and her husband Tony Padron have emerged very often lately. They recently did an interview that included answering questions from fans about Twitch. This couple seemed pretty open with their answers. What they could say because of the “silence” factor of the show, this duo emerged. So, the fans got some interesting information from this pair of Sister Wives.

One of the most interesting topics was the situation of the matriarch and patriarch of the Sister Wives. The rather ugly antics of Kody’ Brown during a therapy session with Meri last season leave questions unanswered. Not to mention the fact that it is still in the minds of many Sister Wives viewers.

Mykelti and Tony answered a question about Meri and Kody Brown’s marriage problems. To the question whether Meri and Kody’s marital problems are real or scripted, Tony answered first. He said, “They are real, but they blew up. Then Mykelti added: “A bit of both, I would say.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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