Sister Wives: Some Fans Think Kody Brown Is Not In The Moment

Sister Wives: Some Fans Think Kody Brown Is Not In The Moment

Since the recent season of Sister Wives packed, Kody and Robyn have been missing for a long time. Just recently, however, Kody ended up in the Instagram feed of the fans, thanks to Janelle Brown’s update. From what we can see, he dumped his expensive SUV and exchanged it for a truck. Let’s take a look at the details.

We know that the financial situation of the Brown family has been a bit compromised. This makes the fans wonder if money problems were the reason that Kody had to exchange his expensive SUV for a truck. Janelle Brown explained that COVID-19 has changed their situation and the way they used to have their night out.

But she also said that some of it is for their own good. They usually go for a ride by loading into the car and taking takeaways. She said they were happy to see the sunset from the mountain top. Kody Brown’s second wife also revealed that he switched to a truck and boots.

Sister Wives: Some Fans Think Kody Brown Is Not In The Moment

While we are sure that Janelle Brown’s intention to post the photo of Kody and Savanah was to show the father-daughter band, some fans don’t think that’s the case. They feel that Kody Brown is not as invested in the moment as he should be.

They compare it to another picture he took with his adopted children with Robyn. In that one, he is all smiles, embracing his stepdaughters. In the recent photo with Savanah, he seems indifferent. Some fans feel that the stress is visible in his facial expressions.

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