Sister Wives: Fans Have Words For Kody Brown Over The Way He Treats Meri Brown.

Sister Wives: Fans Have Words For Kody Brown Over The Way He Treats Meri Brown.

Kody Brown has returned to Instagram to celebrate the 4th of July party. Angry fans of Sister Wives used his message to attack him for abusing Meri Brown.

There is no doubt that the fans are Team Meri as far as the drama involving her and Kody Brown is concerned. While he was celebrating Independence Day for the USA, fans praised Meri for her independence.

Although neither Meri Brown nor Kody Brown have commented publicly on the state of their spiritual marriage, word has spread that she has finally left him.

Meri Brown showed a new side of herself on social media. She is confident and happy. Meri is focused on her two activities and her daughter Mariah.

Like many people, Kody Brown celebrated the national holiday over the weekend by sharing a message on Instagram.

Kody Brown shared a quote from former President Ronald Reagan about passing on freedom to children. The message said that if it is not broadcast, people will tell children in the future what it was like “in the United States when men were free.

The star of Sister Wives entitled the picture and message, “
Happy Independence Day! I ask myself: “What is the next right move?

Her caption angered fans for a couple of reasons. One is the quote from President Reagan, who made users express their political views. There was a lot of disagreement on the subject, especially on the current state of affairs.

Sister Wives: Fans Have Words For Kody Brown Over The Way He Treats Meri Brown.

The other reason why fans were in combat mode is because Sister Wives viewers are super protective of Meri. One fan blew Kody away because of the way he treated Meri last season on the TLC show.

The user banged him for the fact that he only cared about Robyn and their kids. Kody was accused of completely forgetting about Meri and their daughter Mariah.

Speaking of Mariah, one user slammed Kody Brown for not choosing his words carefully when he talked about Meri. He called the marriage a mistake, and the user reminded Kody that he is basically saying that Mariah was one too. It wasn’t nice of him not to think about the impact of his words on Mariah or, what’s more, not to care.

There was even a user who suggested to Meri to make a wedding dress that burned the photos to celebrate her departure from Kody. It was something the fans were behind 100%. TLC has not officially renewed the Sister Wives for Season 15. However, a slip of Christine Brown has sparked the show that is turning and will return this year.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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  1. Cristina una desquiciada no sabe q hacer para llamar la atención de ese machista se olvida q hay más esposas lo peor q el se preocupa por una sola Robyn!!!!!!!!

  2. I am so sick of seeing this little cocky banty rooster rant and rave! If he only knew how ridiculous he looks. I hope his whole family looks a nd sees what a circus clown he is. He has put them in a financial mess!! These women need to run, not walk real fast away from this sad sap of child! I don’t know how he would live because the women make all the money. They stand up and support. All I see him doing is running around in his little sports car flipping his hair like an 18 year old! He needs to grow up. His favorite is Robin. Meri you keeping far far away. There is a wonderful life out there waiting for YOU! Go get it! There are still “good men” out there that will love you! Christian is a backstabber! Better watch out for that woman. Just watch those “lying ” eyes. There’s harboring more of what I can do to get his attention. All you have to do is get quiet and observe when he’s around. Forgive me for saying he must be great in bed (ick! ick!)
    But just remember that is going to change and probably sooner than later. Please just dump his ass sooner than later. All he wants to do is what he wants to do and be has made a financial mess out of it. RUN LADIES RUN!!4

  3. Just looking at Cody gives me the creeps he’s always running back & forth& grabbing his hair!! As far as his spiritual wives are concerned they just seem desperate they all are attractive smart women.Please think ladies you can do better. Cody is rude to them & is seen giving them nasty looks . I don’t have a problem Robyn he respects her the most.I watched a show where Robyn & Cody are talking to Robyns children & sorry I don’t remember her name but she had on of the worst anxiety attacks I’d every seen it was horrible watching that .THAT family is a mess.Mary grab your s****&run like the wind don’t look back!! Just wait ladies he will be bringing another women in the place where ever state you’ll be in Robyn you’ll go down to 2nd favorite & this time he wants an even younger wife.As far as the last 2 wives your both beautiful & intelligent women pack your bags Cody is just bringing you down.Ugh he runs around with that wild hair. You ladies have a lot of soul searching to do. It’s like watching the Titanic slowly sinking & only Mary get’s on a raft while the others are gonna stay until the boat descends into cold frigid ocean.

  4. Meri had underestimated herself, but l think she’s had an awakening. Thank goodness. She’s far to good and lovely to put up with that bogus excuse for a man, namely Cody Brown. Meri could do a hundred times better if she wanted to. She certainly deserves it. Put that whiney, conceited, spoiled brat Cody in the corner permanently and fly away.

  5. This is all I hear abt poor, poor Meri. Well I say she deserves everything she gets. I’ve watched this show several times over to try work out who’s who. I think Janelle, Christine & Robyn deserve a lot more credit than they get. Meri has has been poor me throughout the whole show. I know how difficult & sad it is to not be able to bear more children but I think she’s taken this situation & run with it through out the whole show. Everyone seems to forget that she (Meri) instigated nearly everything that she complains about. Eg: no more children even though it was offered, the divorce ( for sake of Robyn’s kids):then we had the “catfishinge” which her own daughter warned her abt etc. The list goes on. It’s time for real reality. Jody’s other wives seem to be going good. So I think it’s time to give the other wives some credit. 🤗💖💯

  6. I find Mr Kody Browen an arrogant SOB that has no ambition in life than to spend the money that is clearly not his each wide works for a living I havent seen him work at anything incl his marriages as for his daughter that lives a life of her own good on her and Me Brown if your such a Christian you wouldnt be treating your wives this way your a digusting little man

  7. Can’t you all see this is TLC blowing it up with Meri?
    My guess is Meri and Cody are still together.
    Just my thoughts.

  8. Meri the dumbest of the bunch, she not legally married and have no young kids so why not leave. All of his women are damaged is why they stay, no self worth or selfesteem. Meri online selling her already worn clothing trying to make a buck for Kody. Christine lying bout child’s surgery co pay so she can pay Kody’s $30,000 fine. It kills me that so many stupid people who probably barely making their bills are funding this stupid circus act of Kody & the broads. Those broads so brainwashed & damaged Kody could snap his fingers and have them turning tricks for him at anytime. It’s so sad to see weak women who allow there mere existence to depend on a man.

  9. Merri was his official wife but divorced him so he could marry Robin and adopt her kids, as soon as it was all done Merri was pushed aside and they wondered why she felt lonely and fell for the ‘catfish’. She’s been treated do badly by all including her daughter at one point.

  10. Cody did not want another baby with meri as he wanted natural fertilisation… meri was devastated.. all meri wanted is love. All cody wants is a camera…money and fame. Waiting for the next series of life after cody brown…

  11. Absolutely disgusting excuse for a man .he is such an attention seeking control freak .and has treated meri in such an appalling way ..people sah shes always miserable and complaining alot but I’m not surprised ,with the way they all treat her ,just because she has no kids left at home they have all failed to be there for her and include her in the family .shes well rid of the lot of them .you have christine who’s always been his lap dog hanging on to his leg all the time then Janelle who never smiles .m,and looks like she don’t give a shit about anything and then that thing Robyn who caused nothing but trouble the minute she stepped into there lives thinking she can control and take over everything so yes meri .get far away as poss.

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