Sister Wives: Did Janelle Brown Just Take a Jab at Kody Brown?

Sister Wives: Did Janelle Brown Just Take a Jab at Kody Brown?

Kody Brown’s second wife feels her dreams have been shattered and is quite stressed. Looks like Meri Brown’s not the only one who seems unhappy a lot. Janelle Brown is usually the carefree wife who doesn’t seem to care much. Let’s take a look at what she says.

Janelle Brown’s always kept a low profile and rarely caused controversy or chaos in the family. In fact, she was the only one who supported her husband’s plan to have the whole family living under one roof.

Janelle Brown is also the only one who seems to be satisfied with her relationship with Kody. Recently, Jenelle visited her Facebook page to reveal that she is preparing her taxes for the CPA.

It takes her almost a whole week to complete the process and it’s a stressful time. At first, she began by implying that you have to stay strong, no matter how tempting it is to give up looking. In the background of Jenelle’s painting was an image of a sad face hanging on the wall.

Sister Wives: Did Janelle Brown Just Take a Jab at Kody Brown?

Janelle revealed that the art was an impulse purchase from a local shop. The dark tones and something that said unhappy dreams about art fascinated her. But from that day on, she thought they meant weird dreams when you’re stressed.

Now, she might not scream there’s trouble in paradise. But one thing’s for sure. Most of Kody’s spouses have been under stress for a long time. Somehow, he always happens to have a connection, and something indicates that problematic marriage is something the four women have in common.

If Janelle were to mention the darkness surrounding her love affair with Kody Brown, not many will be surprised. Meri Brown once revealed that when Kody Brown married Janelle, it didn’t bother her because he wasn’t romantic with her. Well, lucky Meri! But what about Janelle? She probably felt terrible. After all, her husband wasn’t expressing his love for her.

Kody Brown was with Robyn Brown during the quarantine according to fan speculation. We also saw him spending time with Christine on their 26th anniversary. But there was no mention of Kody spending time with his second wife Janelle. As for Meri, she snubbed their 30th wedding anniversary without any sign of it socially.

Written by Ashley Bennett

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  1. Why did she marry him if he had no real love for her in a romantic way. They could have been friends and she may have found someone who loved her for who she is.

  2. He has uprooted the family without any regard for the kids or the wives..He’s more trouble than he’s worth..
    The whole polygamists thing is stupid, you deprive yourselves & your kids of a normal life.
    Thats why your kids want no part of it !!!

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