Sister Wives: Meri Lassoed

Sister Wives: Meri Lassoed

Fans raised their eyebrows as they watched Robyn Brown meet Meri Brown in a Sister Wives Tell-All episode years ago. Robyn Brown shared her thoughts when it comes to childcare for her children.

It starts with Meri Brown coming to terms with her only child going to college. This leaves her as good as alone as she shared her home with her daughter Mariah Brown. So a rather sad Meri Brown decides that this is the time of her life.

But a co-wife and her sister wives share her husband do not seem at all empathize with her. Kody strongly suggests that before she starts looking for something to replace Mariah’s presence here at home. Both Kody Brown and her co-wife Robyn tell her not to look far. Especially Robyn Brown, because she seems to suggest something to fill Meri Brown’s time.

Robyn Brown tells the first wife of the Sister Wives to look here. She has children to take care of the neighbors. That’s probably not what most empty litters want to hear.

Sister Wives number four says the conversation about Meri Brown’s finding is driving her crazy. Robyn describes Meri Brown as “thanking us all” for helping raise her daughter. Then Robyn Brown explains that she expects Meri Brown to do the same for her – helping her raise her children.

Fans dropped their virtual jaws over this statement from the youngest wife in the Sister Wives tribe. When Robyn Brown joined the family, Mariah was already a teenager. While Christine Brown and Janelle Brown did diaper duty and bottle feeding for Mariah, Robyn certainly did not.

Kody Brown and Robyn Brown pleaded for Meri Brown to help with the youngsters. But it seems that Christine and Janelle had a different view on the first wife when it comes to disciplining the children.


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