Sister Wives: It Seems Janelle Irritated Kody

Sister Wives: It Seems Janelle Irritated Kody

Sister Wives celeb Janelle Brown is not someone who complains, so when she’s worried, it’s usually something substantial. Janelle is not the concubine who worries about bad hair days. She also doesn’t speak in riddles and doesn’t tease her fans with cryptic messages. No, if Janelle has something to say, she usually just comes out with it. But since the beginning of the Sister Wives series there’s a part of the episodes that makes Kody’s second wife Janelle uncomfortable.

Sister Wives: It Seems Janelle Irritated Kody

When Kody Brown first told his Sister Wives tribe that the reality series is a go, Janelle liked it. But as the time approached that the cameras infiltrated their lives, Janelle developed cold feet.

Janelle sought guidance after the stress of the cameras coming. The mere thought that she was so vulnerable to the cameras worried her. Janelle’s worries about reality show Kody Brown annoyed who told Janelle she had to be more positive.

One of the things that worried her most before Sister Wives‘ cameras arrived was her career. Janelle and the rest of the family were about to come out. She was worried that she might lose her job if she revealed her way of life. So she told her employer in advance. To her relief, Janelle learned that as long as she didn’t mention the name of the company, her job would be safe.

Once the Sister Wives reality series was rolled out, Janelle Brown found something to be really scared of. Those are the banking sessions. The way she describes these scenes, which emerge during each episode, sometimes sounds cheeky.

Janelle sees these Sister Wives couch scenes as a place just ripe for cleaning up old wounds. This is something that happens and while the segment is short, those wounds don’t heal when the show closes.

So at times when they are ruminating things it hurts. Another problem that pops up while she sits on the couch also worries her. It seems that the adults of Sister Wives tend to put their foot in their mouths, according to Janelle. There’s no time to think about answering the questions while she sits on that couch. If you add to the discussion without thinking, the feelings get hurt.

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  1. !!! IIstand Kody Brown of Sister Wives!! He has turned into a controlling pompous ASS!!!The way he treated Meri was disgusting,especially after she gave him the ultimate gift of divorce,so he could adopt Robin’s kids! Everything is ‘his way,….or the highway!!!’ He was downright cruel to Meri,by intimidation! I recall the two of them looking at the property,and getting him to hold her hand was like he was a sacrificial lamb being led to slaughter!SHAME ON HIM! He berated her any chance he had!She is so pretty,smart,and has a good business head! Meri,… can do so much better than him!

  2. I’ve despised Kody since he told Meri he didn’t want more kids with her but yet had more with the other wives. Meri deserves better than how she is treated. Kody seems to be all about Robin, I’ve noticed how he spends more time with her then the other wives.. oh and when he said he regretted ever marrying Meri WOW!!! I hope Meri gets far away from him. Sometimes I wonder if Kody even cares about Christen and Janell and the kids they have, because really it doesn’t seem like it. Maybe Christen, Janell and Mari should take what’s theirs and leave Kody and Robin holding the bag, they can do so much better without Kody and Robin. Kody your just a jerk who wants to be a pushy, dictator who should learn to be a real man, you are not living like you religion teaches you and expects out of you polygamy is for you to love each wife equally but you are just a bigamist pig

  3. I can’t watch more than maybe 5-10 minutes because of kody being so arrogant & a bully. He has a huge family & moves the entire group from here to here to here & gets upset when anyone has issues with being uprooted time & time again. What the ladies see or saw in him I can’t see. Egotist.

  4. I agree Cody is a massive jerk! He wants when he wants it. He wasn’t supportive of Meri when she was wanting to buy her family home back.
    She has been the doormat long enough. He needs to pay each of them rent since he bounces from house to house.
    I am ready for series to END!

  5. Does everyone remember when Meri wanted to buy the B&B that was actually a part of her past & how Kody convinced the other sister wives in a “meeting” that they could not help her buy this. At this time, Kody hadn’t even went to see the place & when he did, he acted like it killed him to say something about it. Meri, I’m proud of you for doing it on your own without his help, he is a jerk & his head is too big to fit through the doors. So, one thing, everyone has new houses & gorgeous ones at that in Las Vegas, so what’s Kody’s issue as to why he wanted & pressed so hard to move to Flagstaff that looked like a blah blah blah place. Does everyone remember how hard it was for Robyn to get financed for that house & now he wants everyone just to pick up, sell & move back in all together. All of the sister wives have said they do not want to live under the same roof again, so why is Kody such an idiot about this?

  6. I agree that Kody can be an idiot. I agree that he seems to be a bit of a gypsy uprooting everybody, over again, but I just don’t see Meri (or any of the wives) as victims. Meri had a very public emotional affair, what spouse wouldn’t be hurt? Meri acts like a queen bee and when she doesn’t get her way she pouts and posts…Meri was awful to the other women and acts like it was their faults! No I don’t believe she’s a victim.

  7. Kody believes he is The Man,God’s gift etc.He is not.Everything has to be his way and his flipping Hair,its not as wonderful as he seems to think.Your hair is receding lovely boy.
    You would be nothing without these women.Take heed

  8. I’ve watched this show every week from S1E1. I’ve watched babies become adults. Someone mentioned Kody not wanting more kids with Meri. Not true. Meri said no. She even said no to Robyn carrying a baby for Kody and Meri through surrogacy. Kody saying Meri tricked him into marriage did it for me. I loved all of them. Now I hate Kody. Meri didn’t cheat. She was chatting online to what she thought was a man. That’s not cheating. Its idle long distance bullshit talk. I do it. I’m married. I love how easily “I love you” comes out of peoples mouths. Just to eventually ask for money. I’ve never sent money or received any but I’ve been asked. Anyway, these three women just need to buy out Kody and leave him to Robyn.. I thought everything would get better with her. It hasn’t. I loved her until last season. She needs her ass kicked. Meri, Janelle and Christine you need to let them go. Trying to hang on during this pandemic is useless. It’s over. Your relationships are over. Heal your 3 relationships with each other and let the 2 baggage holders go. You guys don’t love him. He brainwashed you into thinking you do. Walk away.

  9. I actually stopped watching the show after the move to Flagstaff. I’m not sure who Kody thinks he is but not as he professes to be and it started with his marriage to Robin. She is nothing but a whiner & has to have everything her way all the time. They certainly belong together. The other wives need to hit the road cuz they certainly aren’t getting their fair share. As for HIM deciding they are moving, what’s with that? Whenever he decides they’re going to move, they move? Doesn’t matter what the wives want! He’s a pompous ASS. And always bitching about being broke when they make a very generous salary from the show.

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