Sister Wives: It Seems Janelle Irritated Kody

Sister Wives: It Seems Janelle Irritated Kody

Sister Wives celeb Janelle is not someone who complains, so when she’s worried, it’s usually something substantial. Janelle Brown is not the concubine who worries about bad hair days. She also doesn’t speak in riddles and doesn’t tease her fans with cryptic messages. No, if Janelle has something to say, she usually just comes out with it. But since the beginning of the Sister Wives series there’s a part of the episodes that makes Kody’s second wife Janelle Brown uncomfortable.

Sister Wives: It Seems Janelle Irritated Kody

When Kody Brown first told his Sister Wives tribe that the reality series is a go, Janelle Brown liked it. But as the time approached that the cameras infiltrated their lives, Janelle Brown developed cold feet.

Janelle sought guidance after the stress of the cameras coming. The mere thought that she was so vulnerable to the cameras worried her. Janelle’s worries about reality show Kody Brown annoyed who told Janelle Brown she had to be more positive.

One of the things that worried her most before Sister Wives‘ cameras arrived was her career. Janelle Brown and the rest of the family were about to come out. She was worried that she might lose her job if she revealed her way of life. So she told her employer in advance. To her relief, Janelle Brown learned that as long as she didn’t mention the name of the company, her job would be safe.

Once the Sister Wives reality series was rolled out, Janelle Brown found something to be really scared of. Those are the banking sessions. The way she describes these scenes, which emerge during each episode, sometimes sounds cheeky.

Janelle sees these Sister Wives couch scenes as a place just ripe for cleaning up old wounds. This is something that happens and while the segment is short, those wounds don’t heal when the show closes.

So at times when they are ruminating things it hurts. Another problem that pops up while she sits on the couch also worries her. It seems that the adults of Sister Wives tend to put their foot in their mouths, according to Janelle. There’s no time to think about answering the questions while she sits on that couch. If you add to the discussion without thinking, the feelings get hurt.


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