Sister Wives: Kody Absent From Major Milestones

Sister Wives: Kody Absent From Major Milestones

Sister Wives star Kody and his third wife Christine’s marriage may be the last victim of the pandemic. The two have been spiritually married for 26 years. In addition, they have six children and are expecting their first grandchild through daughter Mykelti Brown Padron in the spring.

However, recent real estate activities show evidence and add fuel to the fire to make fans believe the couple are in the process of dissolving their marriage.

The Sister Wives family moved to Flagstaff in Las Vegas just over two years ago. Christine Brown could not find a house to rent that would allow all her pets, so she and Kody Brown decided to buy a house for her and her children to live in. At first it seemed selfish. But it turned out to be smart, because all the other women had to move several times and Christine did not,

Now public real estate documents show that Kody Brown of Sister Wives has sold his half of their $520,000 house to Christine for as much as $10. So now Christine Brown is the sole owner of the house she shares with her daughters Ysabel Brown, Truely Brown and Gwendlyn Brown. This real estate transaction took place on August 28th. However, it was made public on November 6. So this transaction happened just a few weeks before Ysabel’s scoliosis operation.

Sister Wives: Kody Absent From Major Milestones

Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown missed some special moments with the daughters she shares with Christine. Unfortunately he missed the Prom photo shoot that Ysabel and Gwen had in April on the grounds of the family’s Coyote Pass. In fact the last time he was actually there for something with his shared daughters with Christine Brown was Truely’s 10th birthday road trip to IN-N-OUT.

Fans were shocked that he didn’t come to New Jersey for Yasbel’s operation in October. The Sister Wives clan spun it out to make him look good. They said he had to be quarantined 14 days before and after the operation, and the rest of the family couldn’t live without him that long. Unfortunately, many fans found that unacceptable. After all, Ysabel had major back surgery.

Written by Christine Cohan

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