Sister Wives: Kody Transfers Land To Christine

Sister Wives: Kody Transfers Land To Christine

The Sister Wives co-wives seem to make it an unofficial rule not to bite back at negative comments from fans. Although Meri Brown sometimes does this in her cryptic messages without mentioning exactly what she’s talking about.

However, Christine Brown and her fellow co-wives from Sister Wives have not made a habit of debunking the untruths swirling around them. Whether it’s a TLC rule or a family-imposed rule, these ladies don’t start the negative back and forth with fans. So the second best thing to shoot down a negative chatter is to give a good demonstration. And… it looks like Christine did it.

The buzz online today consists of Kody Brown deeding Christine Brown’s home back to her alone. So, this makes this Sister Wives lady the sole owner of the house she bought when she decided to move to Flagstaff.

Sister Wives: Kody Transfers Land To Christine

Kody sold this Sister Wives house back to Christine for the sum of $10. Basically he gave the house to her, but in some states the money has to come into her hands for a real estate transaction. So, this may be why it takes a ten-dollar bill to go from Kody Brown to Christine Brown, on paper at least.

Kody Brown’s name was originally on her title deed. But this is nothing unusual. His name is on every plot of land and house his wives own. So getting his name off this deed is not normal for the patriarch of the Sister Wives.

But without knowing the reason why the Sister Wives suddenly change their names on the title, people assumed the worst. It seems that today’s chatter has made Christine Brown and Kody Brown who called it stop.

This is an understandable assumption after Kody Brown seemed condescending about his polygamous lifestyle last season. But people walked away with a Kody-Christine supposed split even though nothing was officially offered by any of the Sister Wives.

Written by Christine Cohan

Reality TV Writer / Editor


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