Sister Wives: Kody Brown Marriage Dilemma

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Marriage Dilemma

Sister Wives star Robyn hid her feelings for a long time before she met her shared husband and it seems she still does today. The fourth woman to join the Sister Wives family realizes what people think of her. Robyn Brown knows where she falls in most of the polls that are floating around out there. She is said to be the most hated of all co-wives.

This Sister Wives celebrity also realizes that people think she is a housewife. But it sounds like she’s worried about what other people think is nothing new to Robyn.

After this Sister Wives lady has revealed what she has been through in her childhood, it is surprising that she has chosen a life that involves sharing a man with other women. Robyn grew up in a polygamous family. But because she was not the child of her father’s legal wife, he could not publicly acknowledge her. Kody Brown and his three original co-wives kept their way of life virtually hidden. Not many of the outside world knew they were polygamists. But that’s before they did the Sister Wives reality show.

So it seems that Robyn Brown also grew up in a polygamist family. But she kept it under wraps for a large part of her life. She kept doing that until the Sister Wives cameras infiltrated Kody Brown and his fellow wives. So it seems that Robyn Brown learned from an early age to live with being careful of what people might think.

Her family, like other polygamous families, was scared. They were worried about the same scene Kody Brown avoided with his quick move to Vegas. People feared the law.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Marriage Dilemma

When it was time for Robyn Brown and Kody Brown to get together, another roadblock came up. Robyn Brown explains how a woman enters into a multiple marriage. She offered that account in a book the Sister Wives adults wrote together years ago. Kody’s fourth wife explains that there are different ways. But because of her previous divorce and the fact that she was a single mother, she had to be careful.

One way is that the woman tells her father that she wants to join a certain family or that she wants to let their church leader know. Then the father or the leader of the church approaches the family.

But Robyn’s reputation was tarnished after her divorce, according to this Sister Wives mom. So taking this route in a multiple marriage worried her that it might seem as if she was desperate to get married.

She said that even then people thought she was looking for marriage. Robyn Brown denies that she was. But taking the route described above would add fuel to the fire.

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