Sister Wives: Robyn Put on Hold

Sister Wives: Robyn Put on Hold

Sister Wives star Robyn appeared on stage after Kody Brown had spent 16 years or more with his three original wives. His biggest problem then with only three wives looks the same as now with four… lack of money. The Sister Wives’ head of household was worried when he first fell for Robyn Brown, because he noticed that he was stuck with money. That tune hasn’t changed, it sounds like it’s a long-standing problem. But it once stood in the way of a marriage proposal, which he felt compelled to do.

Sister Wives: Robyn Put on Hold

Kody Brown had a crush on Robyn Brown, who at the time went by the name Robyn Sullivan. But he couldn’t think of an economical way to provide for another Sister Wives co-wife. He knew he wanted Robyn Brown to be his fourth wife, but how to support her was a question he could not answer at the time. It seems that he was so in love that he didn’t intend to let a little thing like finance get in the way of another eternal love. But until he could support her, the proposal had to wait.

In the world of polygamy, long courtship and long engagements do not traditionally happen. Usually, once it has been decided that you will join a family as a sister wife, it happens quite quickly and with little fanfare.

But this is Kody. Things aren’t always traditional for Sister Wives’ head of household. Not to mention the fact that Kody Brown could probably use brass band as his second name.

Once Kody Brown and Robyn Brown knew they would be together, he wanted to ask the question. But again, it’s hard to do that when you’re broke. They needed money to move his future wife to Lehi. Which in turn would change their relationship into a sister-woman status.

Kody had to bring Robyn Brown to Lehi. During the courtship she did live in Utah, but a 3 hour drive away from her future family. That was a long drive for Kody Brown to take her to dinner and a movie. And then the 3 hours Kody needs to get back home.

So, as much as Kody wanted to ask Robyn Brown to marry her, it had to wait. But Robyn wasn’t looking forward to a long engagement. She wanted to be part of Kody Brown’s Sister Wives clan as soon as possible. But, whether Robyn Brown and Kody Brown liked it or not… they had to wait.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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  1. Way to string out a simple statement and waste a minute of my time on something I thought perhaps might be a tad interesting. Okay. We got it the FIRST time. I would have found it more interesting this way: Cody Brown finanances low causes delay in proposal to Sister Wife #4

  2. Of this article is correct then Kody did not marry Robyn because he was compelled to by God. He wanted her in his bed! Kody and Robyn deserve each other and the other women should leave him and let them support themselves!

  3. I wish that Meri Brown leave Kody Brown since she divorce him so he could adopt Robyn children’s. Then he said he wished he never known her and she was the first wife. Robyn Brown is out for her and her children only. These woman need to woke up. Legally he is only married to Robyn and if he passes she get money for her and her children.

  4. I believe he needs to get a vasectomy and Robin better watch her daughter’s because they are not his biological kids. Plus he’s use to having several wives. Just my opinion. He is so ugly ladies please you can do so much better.

  5. A big problem they have is to spend SO much money on elaborate weddings but not find his daughters health important! They could not afford those weddings! When his child needed surgery he was no where to be found! Now the only wife he recognizes is Robin! She just keeps having kids he can’t afford!

  6. The more I watch this series the more I dislike kody. He is a control freak who lives of the wives money. It’s all about him. He’s a lazy good for nothing. But i love wife 1, 2,and 3 not to keen on Robyn as you can see he favours her.

  7. First, I will tell you TLC what i think of your trashy liberal channel.You pay these trashy ass shows without thinking.You have a jack ass that’s running between four house’s to get laid. Even pigs have more morales than you. For adultery is a sin against God. The role you want so bad. You have Nigerians that scam men and women that didn’t have time to scam the big mouth on 90 days, because he got scammed first. Trying to get him over to the U.S. So he can be another Mohammed and steal from people. And we got to watch a little boy become a girl.So she could date other girls???? The reason Cody is selling the property to Christine, is because of taxes. He is scamming the IRS.

  8. They don’t want people to judge them, yet the things they worry about being judged for the most (their lifestyle) is really not the biggest issue.

    Really, it’s the fact that he is lazy and doesn’t work hard enough even for a single family, let alone 4 families. The wives can work also, are they incapable?? I don’t think so! They spend money they don’t have to make it look like they have it all, and they preach about not caring about others opinions, but I think they care way too much about what others think. If they didn’t, they would not spend above their means on materialistic stuff and maybe focus more on the health and well-being of the family.

  9. What bothers me is Robyn had to have the most expensive house bc her kids and popping kid after kid i know they don’t believe in birth control but get a grip stop having kids when you can’t afford them. The other wives I feel were better off before Robyn came into the picture. Have they even moved to the houses they were building. I quit watching it because I felt Kody cared only about Robyn and her kids and nobody else. The other wives just need to drop the zero and they seem to handle business better then he does anyway.

  10. Meri, Janelle and Christine should have left Kody with Robin and all the financial problems. He is completely disrespectful to them. You can tell he doesn’t love them let alone want to be near them. Meri is still being punished for the catfish incident yet she has 2 successful businesses and makes the bulk of the money in the family. If I were Meri once the B & B started making a profit I would have been out of there. They couldn’t help her with any of the money she needed to start the business. Christine looks desperate trying to make something work out of something that fizzed out long ago. Kody not being at his daughters surgery would be enough to drive me over the edge and end it. His daughter was having major surgery, where is the love? Kody has always demonstrated his lack of interest in Janelle as if her heaviness disgusts him. From the beginning we all could tell that Robin is his favorite. She appears fake in her support of the other sister wives and acts as if she is better than the Ladies.

    My two favorites are Meri and Janelle and I’m so proud of how Meri is finding herself and finding her happiness without the other 4 who don’t appear very supportive of her. Kody, enjoy your favorite wife, your debt and your ever receding hairline…

  11. Kody is a user a manipulater and a lazy pig Robyn needed someone to take on them other kids and neither one work they depend on the other wives money to pay for that.million dollar house Robyn had to have they deserve to be bankrupt and forced to pay their way and I’ll lay money if there’s some sort of state aid they can get ahold of they’ve already done it Christine the desperate wife shares her money I’m sure so maybe Kody will visit the kids and the bedroom this is a hot mess family and Merri hopefully shares nothing with Kody the pig Janelle will but she could care less if Kody shows or not she’s independent like Merri the other two tho nope desperate to keep that disgusting pig and honestly they deserve him they cannot have any dignity left

  12. I watched Sister Wives when it first began and for the entire first season. I am a Christian and it was so foreign to what I believe that I have not watched it since. Every now and again I see these stories on Google but this is the fist I stopped to read. I don’t understand how smart, energetic women would want to share their “husband” with other women. That is sick and perverted.

  13. Glad to see the ladies becoming independent and making a living without asshole Kody! Robyn and Kody are made for each other! No more sucking off Meri,Christine,& Janelle! They a are making a good living and have beautiful homes. They seem to be content without Kody & Robyn. If they want a real man there will be no problem!

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