Sister Wives: Robyn Put on Hold

Sister Wives: Robyn Put on Hold

Sister Wives star Robyn appeared on stage after Kody Brown had spent 16 years or more with his three original wives. His biggest problem then with only three wives looks the same as now with four… lack of money. The Sister Wives’ head of household was worried when he first fell for Robyn Brown, because he noticed that he was stuck with money. That tune hasn’t changed, it sounds like it’s a long-standing problem. But it once stood in the way of a marriage proposal, which he felt compelled to do.

Sister Wives: Robyn Put on Hold

Kody Brown had a crush on Robyn Brown, who at the time went by the name Robyn Sullivan. But he couldn’t think of an economical way to provide for another Sister Wives co-wife. He knew he wanted Robyn Brown to be his fourth wife, but how to support her was a question he could not answer at the time. It seems that he was so in love that he didn’t intend to let a little thing like finance get in the way of another eternal love. But until he could support her, the proposal had to wait.

In the world of polygamy, long courtship and long engagements do not traditionally happen. Usually, once it has been decided that you will join a family as a sister wife, it happens quite quickly and with little fanfare.

But this is Kody. Things aren’t always traditional for Sister Wives’ head of household. Not to mention the fact that Kody Brown could probably use brass band as his second name.

Once Kody Brown and Robyn Brown knew they would be together, he wanted to ask the question. But again, it’s hard to do that when you’re broke. They needed money to move his future wife to Lehi. Which in turn would change their relationship into a sister-woman status.

Kody had to bring Robyn Brown to Lehi. During the courtship she did live in Utah, but a 3 hour drive away from her future family. That was a long drive for Kody Brown to take her to dinner and a movie. And then the 3 hours Kody needs to get back home.

So, as much as Kody wanted to ask Robyn Brown to marry her, it had to wait. But Robyn wasn’t looking forward to a long engagement. She wanted to be part of Kody Brown’s Sister Wives clan as soon as possible. But, whether Robyn Brown and Kody Brown liked it or not… they had to wait.


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