Sister Wives: When Robyn Met Kody

Sister Wives: When Robyn Met Kody

It seems that the Sister Wives adults put their belongings together, including the pay slips. Then they use a giant cookie jar to spread the money over all their accounts. So, did Robyn Brown enter into this multiple marriage with any assets?

Robyn’s intent when she was first introduced to the Sister Wives patriarch is unknown. Information such as whether she rented a house or owned never showed up on the show.

Basically the only information released because of the storylines is that she lived about 3 hours away in the Brown family car before moving to Lehi to be closer to Kody Brown.

Something Robyn said in a book the Sister Wives wrote years ago offers a hint in Robyn Brown’s finances. When Kody Brown met his future wife, she was a divorced single mother of three who lived in another part of Utah.

Robyn Brown attended a party at her cousin’s house and there she met her future husband, Kody. Reba, Robyn’s cousin, called Robyn Brown and suggested she come back to Lehi for a visit. Kody showed some interest in her and Reba felt the future bride of Sister Wives should get to know him.

So, after struggling a lot with herself to chase a man with three wives. Robyn Brown agreed to come. Although Robyn Brown wanted to be a wife in a multiple marriage, she never saw herself as wife number four. It seems that most men in their church have two wives and while a few have three, four wives are quite rare.

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