LPBW: Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff Not Able To Work Together

LPBW: Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff Not Able To Work Together

Little People Big World fans are banging Matt Roloff for the way he acted with his ex-wife Amy Roloff. In a recent episode, we saw him arguing with Amy Roloff over a wall he built to separate the farm after the divorce. Let’s take a look at the details.

Matt Roloff built a big wall to separate his area from Amy’s on Roloff farms. A few seconds after she arrived at the site. Eventually they kept calling that project a symbol of their divorce. He told a worker that he’s excited about building this wall because it’s an ex-wife situation.

Amy Roloff came to the site to see what was going on. Soon after, they got into a fight. She said it’s Matt Roloff’s wall, and he warned her not to go over it. Amy Roloff said she hoped he wouldn’t turn into Hatfields and McCoy.

The couple soon started bickering over the terminology for the “flag lot” and the “neck” of their property. Matt Roloff kept pointing out that he was right. He said that when they get together, it always starts with a cordial conversation. However, after a while, Matt said she was getting defensive.

LPBW: Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff Not Able To Work Together

Matt Roloff pointed out that the fact that they had a fight about all this stuff indicates that it’s not a good idea for them to work together. Amy also said that she has difficulty dealing with someone who negotiates with her all the time. Now that she’s not with Matt, Amy Roloff is trying to find her trust and have a voice of her own.

Fans did not appreciate the way Matt Roloff treated Amy in this episode and did not hesitate to express their opinion about her actions. One said that the reality TV star makes it hard to make people appreciate him even more.

Another called him a manipulator and said Matt Roloff is a manipulator. The fan also said he likes to have his ego stroked. Also, the comment led to a dig at Matt’s current girlfriend, Caryn, stating that she found the ideal woman willing to stroke his ego.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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  1. Matt Rolloff needs to get a can of whoop ass on his ass by me! Then he needs to be tolded he is a huge Liability and Karma comes around goes around and bites Matt in his ass! I also believe he will die before he turns 65 years old! I do not believe Matt is great at any thing! Matt will be sorry for being a Nazi Bully to Amy! And the children really hate his guts for being a mean Nazi Bully! The kids just Tolerate the So call bio sperm donor so call Father!!!😣

  2. I think both of them are shitty, Amy with her poor me attitude, she seems to whine about everything, most people in this world don’t have half of what she has. I don’t know what Chris sees in her. Matt is very controlling and what. Really bothers me is his very obvious favoritism with Jackson, you cant do that because that is so hurtful to the other kids
    I think it’s time for that show to note the dust I can’t stand to watch it anymore!!

  3. This isnt true I see Amy playing the victim role .now that she got the MONEY from the farm after years of stalling I think Matts been more than fair Shes engaged now and wants to ruin the show. Wait till your boyfriend gets all your money now beware..!!!

  4. Amy should stop feeling sorry for herself an get on with her own life and leave Matt alone to live his life he is not bad mouthing.her Amy need to get over herself

  5. I am sick to my stomach with Matt Roloff. What do he expect from Amy. 29 years married and you still expect for her to jump at his dumb ass. To cheat on her with that gold digger. And to rush her off the farm
    Why don’t he hurry up and leave. The nerve he have to bring that gold digger that worked for Amy around her children and grandchildren. She is nothing and neither is Matt. His health is not that good. At least Chris shows Amy love and affection. Take those crutches away from Matt and let’s see how long she will carry him around. I believe that’s why Amy daughter and younger son don’t be bothered. That hurts.
    To look in that gold diggers face. Where is her kids? And she plays it off just like nothing happened. She is a low down home wrecker!! And Matt is an x drug addict!! Oh and boozer. I can’t stand his or her face.
    Take the show off the air!!! And just shoot Amy with Her family and Chris. Let those two old birds fly anywhere.

  6. Matt has always been a bully. Is it because he feels he has to compensate for being a little person? Amy doesn’t seem to need to compensate for her size, even though she was treated differently by classmates and other people when she was young. I don’t see how she tolerated being treated the way she was by Matt for all those years.

    It’s pretty obvious that Caryn and Matt were an item before he brought up the devorce to Amy. Matt insisted on the divorce while Amy tried to fix the relationship for years.

    Chris’s proposal was the best thing that ever happened to Amy. Matt isn’t small because of his size; he’s “small” because his lack of self-confidence and his overgrown ego.

    God bless Any and Chris! May you find the joy in each other what you both deserve!

  7. I think Matt is a bully! And give me a break what does that Karlyn see in him. He’s sure nothing to look at and he’s all crippled up (not that it should matter) he really has nothing appealing, and he’s a grump. Karlyn is just after his money. Actually she makes me ill. If she didn’t go after Matt he wouldn’t have gotten a divorce.

  8. I didn’t like the way Matt went about their separation, for instance, Matt came out of the blue that he was moving out of the marital home. I could not see any indication that they were even having problems. Amy appeared confused, and upset. Later we learnt that Matt and Karen where together, I felt very strong that he must’ve been having an affair, which in my mind, was under hand and cowardly . He was shellfish and had an ability to to control everyone, and neglect his family, but who truly knows what happens behind closed doors. However, now they are divorced he seems to be trying to make amends and spend time with his children and grandchildren, which is nice to see. I love Amy, she is a beautiful person and an inspiration to me, her children, and others who she is in contact with. She is better suited to Chris, I love them 😍 both, and wish them all the happiness in the world, and best to The Rolloff’s.

  9. It’s just so sad. It’s all because that woman came to work for them not just because she wanted a job she wanted Matt who was already a married man with children whom he loved. The marriage service says that no one should come between man and wifeasy. When you’re married it’s for keeps till death do you part. Not tI’ll someone else comes along. It’s so very sad …

  10. My husband thinks he,s a asshole ,he talks to Amy like shit and he is crafty ,you will never get to the bottom of him,you find normal little Male,s got an attitude problem ,if I was Amy not meaning it I would say I have changed my mind I’m not going now ,and that Caryn is only in it for the money .

  11. Its not matt its Amy,shes the stubborn one. She’s the one that has to be right but Matt is so much more nolagable than Amy.

  12. I believe she’s trying to have a voice .I never seen her as a victim . More like a survivor things that was done to her as child with bullies at school . Then sadden she married Matt that had dreams and dreams of what the farm should and could be. But didn’t include his wife Amy and see what are dreams and thought were about the farm . And reach agreement and treat her as a partner ,lover, respect

  13. Time to step back and re-think. It took two to make the marriage last as long as it did and it took both of them to divorce. The show purposely builds on drama to keep you engaged. That’s the bottom line. No matter what negative comments are made about them they will be laughing all the way to the bank. We will never really know who they really and truly are.

  14. Matt Roloff is trying to take advantage of Amy. I fo believe he chested on Amy with Caryn.
    Caryn comes across totally phoney and I really don’t care for her . She keeps saying she hopes they can all be civil. But she got involved not only with her boss but he was married . Matt just wants Amy off farm all together n I really feel he is pushing her not to. Take either side of the farm .

  15. Matt is a narcissist and I hope Caryn, who I don’t love either, takes him for all he’s got. Amy is a love.

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