Is This the Final Season? Uncertainty Surrounds ‘Little People Big World’ After Major Exit

Is This the Final Season? Uncertainty Surrounds 'Little People Big World' After Major Exit

On February 22, Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff shared news about leaving “Little People Big World.”

The latest season has viewers wondering about the show’s future.

Tori confirmed their departure on a podcast. Their contracts ended, and no one is looking to renew.

For almost two years, Zach and Tori have had issues with his father, Matt Roloff.

On a recent episode, Matt expressed disappointment over their absence at a local charity event.

The trouble began in May 2022 when Matt sold 14 acres of the farm, upsetting Zach.

Their relationship turned bitter after a heated exchange.

Zach noted the recent strain on the podcast. Their departures make sense, given the ongoing issues.

However, this leaves a question. Could TLC still continue the show?

Perhaps, by focusing on Matt and Amy’s relationship or Matt’s engagement to Caryn Chandler.

The show remains low-cost for TLC. But without the Roloff children, it might not interest fans.

“Little People, Big World” began in 2006. It explored the Roloff family’s life with dwarfism on their Oregon farm.

In late February, Tori and Zach reflected on their podcast. The show brought opportunities, fun, and challenges. They decided it was time to move on.

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