Little People Big World: Amy Roloff Hates The New Idea

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff Hates The New Idea

Popular Little People Big World siblings Zach Roloff and Jeremy Roloff are still at odds with their father Matt Roloff. After Matt refused to accept the sisters’ offer for the Roloff farm, the twins turned their backs on the Roloff patriarch.

Since none of his sons could afford the land, Matt Roloff decided to sell a portion outside the Roloff family. But when no one showed any interest in buying it, he came up with Plan B. The Roloff family could not afford to sell the land.

Now, in the latest season 24 of “LPBW,” members of the famous family are reacting to his new plan. When Matt Roloff couldn’t sell the Roloff farmhouse, he turned to his backup plan, offering the property on a short-term lease. Now he has a new opportunity to cash in on the plan for his children, but Amy Roloff doesn’t like it.

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff Hates The New Idea

Although the Roloffs wanted to keep their family farm, this has not happened so far. The property will be renovated and showcased before the first tenants arrive. Amy reluctantly agreed to this in a recent episode of Little People, Big World. The celebrity mother lived on the farm for 30 years and raised her four children there with Matt.

So the visit is emotional for her. She and her husband Chris Marek join Matt and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler to discuss Matt’s plans to rent after seeing the renovated farmhouse and its brand new interior. Matt and Amy squabble over his plans for the land, just as they did before they married. Moreover, the areas of the farm where tenants are allowed access are heavily restricted by Matt, who is reluctant to give visitors a code to enter.

However, Amy believes that for tenants to enjoy their stay, they need to have 24/7 access to the farm. At this point, Matt reveals that he’s also set aside some dates and is giving the Roloffs a free place to stay at the farmhouse.

But before Matt can continue, he is interrupted by Amy, who is not on board with the idea. She said: “You have got to be high,” and added, “To even be thinking of that”. She then explained that none of her children would ever do that. Amy said she would bet her life on it, but none of her four children would.

If any of them did, the matriarch of Little People Big World would be surprised. Matt admits, however, that after telling all four children about his plans, he hasn’t heard from any of them. Amy struggles with this most personal of things, even if she doesn’t blame Matt for choosing her Plan B.

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