Little People, Big World: Amy and Chris Settle into New Home

Little People, Big World: Amy and Chris Settle into New Home

Amy and Chris have been living together in their house for a while now. The LPBW couple seem to settle well in their home. Amy Roloff and Chris Marek are still engaged, so that is a good sign that the two can live together without any problems. They have been able to make the house their own. Amy Roloff has even held a few meetings in their new home.

The duo Little People, Big World even helps each other with the chores. Not so long ago, Chris and Amy tidied up their backyard before the winter months begin. They got rid of all the leaves that were lying on the ground.

Amy Roloff also tidied up her garden a bit. But she did get injured during the garden work. She had her finger cut off without her knowing it. But, Amy Roloff didn’t let the pain stop her from working.

Chris recently spent time in Amy’s favorite spot in their house – the kitchen. The Little People, Big World cast member made them eat while they watched a soccer game together. Amy Roloff said they ate a “gourmet” meal.

Chris Marek had made chili with tater tots and cheese on top with a little sour cream on the side. Amy Roloff was grateful that he made food for her, because she is usually the one who cooks for others.

According to Amy Roloff of LPBW, Chris made a delicious meal. She said it was the perfect “comfort food” to eat while enjoying a sporting event. She also said that Chris Marek is such a “big guy” and that she loves him. It will be interesting to see if Chris will try to cook more or leave the cooking to chef Amy.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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