Little People Big World: Amy Roloff Tries to Help Chris

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff Tries to Help Chris

Amy Roloff of Little People Big World moved completely out of the farm. On the 21st season of the TLC show Matt Roloff just took the last mess out of the house. But in real time Amy has been out of the house for a couple of months now.

Amy told Little People Big World Star Matt Roloff that it wasn’t hard for him to clean the house because he has been out for seven years. And she only had a few months to process 30 years of memories with her family. It seems that Matt Roloff is trying to understand Amy’s point of view, but she is still bitter that everyone rushed her.

Little People, Big World celebrity Amy went through the farm and looked at the empty rooms. As she went through the rooms, she thought about the good times. But she also thought about the new life she is building with her sweetheart Chris Marek.

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff Tries to Help Chris

Amy from Little People, Big World said that she and Chris Marek have a lot of little projects to work on. They had to personalize Amy’s new house, and Chris Marek said he had something to say about things. Amy had to do the whole house – except for Chris’ playroom.

When Chris was building some chairs, Amy wanted to help him keep things together. But Chris Marek said he could do it easier if she just sat there and looked nice. Viewers of Little People, Big World said they could tell there was a little bit of excitement. But they handled it pretty well in front of the camera.

Amy Roloff told fans of Little People, Big World that Chris doesn’t want any help. In fact, she said he needs a cheerleader – not help. And it seems like she’s happy to be with him while she’s encouraging him.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. Why do you sleep as us pic these loosers????buddy is your true friend and he w as a jealous of Buddy. Never let a man come between you and your friends. He was a monster he doesn’t deserve you.

  2. Amy is so ungrateful with Matt. He built them a nice home and business. If we believe each season lately all Amy does is bitch!

  3. Love Amy, I wish I could have been there to support her during her move. After 44 years of marriage my husband found a new person and he did the same as Matt, even moving back in for 3 months to make sure I moved. Just over a year later I’m frustrated at things that were thrown out that I need now.

  4. I really don’t like the way that Matt has handled the situation where Amy is concerned he acts like she doesn’t have enough sense to come in out of the rain and truly he infuriates me the way he acts I promise you Karen won’t be around long she doesn’t really seem to act like she’s really into Matt all that much by just watching her on the show

  5. All the people that dont like amy any talk shit.why dont you look at your own life and clean up your month.she dont talk about you dumb people your the ones need to grow up and mind your dam business.

  6. Poor poor Amy if it weren’t for Matt’s at times outlandish ideas for that farm they wouldn’t have lasted ( The farm and family ). Chris is just great in our eyes for Amy ( we see only what’s on cam ). I’d love to get a look at Chris’s hard drive lol Creeepy if you ask me lol.

  7. Remember Amy do no wrong did wrong and her youngest boys head got stuck in mid swing of that huge Javelin “Pumkin thrower” lol

  8. In who’s world do you have 8 most to “process’ your shit as you move out of a house that is no longer yours? Amy drug her little bow legs through the entire move. She’s a very selfish women with no regards for anyone, but herself. I wish she would leave the show now, I’ve seen enough.

  9. I have watched show for a long time. Amy was always the glue as most moms and Matt acted like a teenager with control issues and stormed off if she said anything. I think chris is very sweet to her. She is a strong woman and most people cant handle that. Zack is only child I see supporting her and even his wife acts like she favors Matt . Every once in a while I hear a little dig about Amy from her. Where are the other kids? I’m team Amy and Chris

  10. I find it hard to believe that Amy has ever been rushed. I would go seriously loopy if I had to tolerate Amy. It takes her years to decide the small things. What an irritating woman.

  11. Amy needs to more on.. we or should I say alot of us have been through divorce and we all moved on. If I were Chris I would have told Amy long ago to get it moving.. she acts like she can’t let go of the house she sold or whatever she did with it but it isn’t hers anymore… Move on.. Amy your life is with Chris now.. if you keep dragging your feet Chris might get tired of this whole deal and get to stepping himself!!!! Then she really would be a really sad lady!!! Life goes on!!! Thank Goodness!!!!

  12. I totally agree in Amy’s process . After 30 yrs., you don’t just move 9n. Matt moved on before the divorce. So he has no memories. He will reap and that ole ho too. Chris and Amy seem good for each other. Both new to this kind of relationship. 🙏🏻💖. Amy should have made Matt move off the farm. !!!!. Good, loving and prosperous things will come Amy’s way. The only “fake” Amy displays, is acting nice to Matt’s woman and her family (?). Her family I mean her and Matt’s new family. Kids watch out 😜🙏🏻💖💖 love Amy 🙏🏻💖

  13. I totally agree in Amy’s process . After 30 yrs., you don’t just move 9n. Matt moved on before the divorce. So he has no memories. He will reap and that ole ho too. Chris and Amy seem good for each other. Both new to this kind of relationship. 🙏🏻💖. Amy should have made Matt move off the farm. !!!!. Good, loving and prosperous things will come Amy’s way. The only “fake” Amy displays, is acting nice to Matt’s woman and her family (?). Her family I mean her and Matt’s new family. Kids watch out 😜🙏🏻💖💖 love Amy 🙏🏻💖

  14. Over the years I could see Matt not treating Amy like his wife or his kids mother and then he was screwing that dingbat he has…she outta be ashamed taking a married man from his family.. How dare she??? Yes I see Amy so happy now and Chris does treat her like a LADY..

  15. I have watched from he beginning and Amy said Matt never listened and did things his way. So I am confused . I thought Amy wanted to voice her opinions but seems to me she is just doing what Chris wants . Just hanging out being his cheerleader. That is not Amy taking charge of her life. If Chris doesn’t want help then do something fun r herself. No man would have waited that long for her to move out of the farm house.Now she is out I think Zach and Tori would fit perfectly in the new house. Amy wants Jeremy in the house because he isn’t on the show so fans would not see her there. You would think being the house is built for little people it fits Zach and his children perfectly.

  16. I am still a little suspicious of Chris. He had nothing to do with the purchase of the house and yet he moved in on day 1, and has his own playroom. Did he help buy the home or just riding the wave of Roloff Farm? Just something about him makes me distrust him.

  17. Amy cries out about Matt rushing her out of the house he built for her and the children while together..why this woman is so dramatic and lamenting about it.. doesn’t she remember how fast she rushed to get under Chris’s underwears? Did Matt rushed her to anything before? Amy hasn’t shown dumb Chris her true colors…sorry Chris it will be about $$ greedy Amy.

  18. Amy had every right to take her time, she doesn’t owe matt nothing. Matt should feel lucky that amy sold her half to him, most women would of demanded to sell to strangers after crap he put her thru. Amy better than most women, we all know matt was having affair with Karen before divorce. He should thank his lucky stars.

  19. Amy doesn’t owe matt anything. She has every right to take her time. Matt should be thankful Amy sold to him after crap he put her thru. Most women would of demanded to sell to strangers, knowing he had affair with karen and we all know he did. U have to be blind not to see it. Amy better off without that self center matt.

  20. While it seems that EVERYONE is trying to “understand” Amy, and I mean everyone, even Amy herself is ALWAYS consoling Amy. Amy never seems to give anyone a break. She does not try and see someone else’s point of view. Its always “poor me”. She’s bitter and it shows. Jeez, its been years. Get some therapy if you need. If you are seeking help and already are in therapy. ITS NOT WORKING. Amy is extremely self-centered,self involved, and just down right annoying.

  21. Amy has been ridiculous about moving out. I moved out of a house after 30 years. Sure there’s some memories but you’re going on to something new and different. She just likes to gripe about everything. And nothing is her fault. Right!

  22. I think that Amy is very unfair with Matt. I think she looks for things in every word Mat says. She is divorced, she has moved off the farm. So she needs to leave the past behind and go forward. Matt maybe hard for her to live with but he is and always will be the father of her Children. And the Kids were given such a wonderful life because of Mats love for all of them.

  23. I am so over Amy, she needs to move on. It has always been about her and her feelings, she rarely considers anyone else. Her friends Lisa and Deb are just pandering to her. A true friend would tell her to grow up and move on. Matt has been more than accommodating, non of which she can see.

  24. Karen is a home wrecker and was with Matt before the separation. Looking back at old episodes and the abuse thrown at Amy, I could guess when. I am happy that Amy is moving on but with Chris? I hope he’s not a gold digging spot light hunter.

  25. It comes down to simple respect, after raising the kids helping him build what they have he didn’t do it alone Amy deserved better than what she got.After 30yrs Matt having affair with the help divorce and she gets a rush job to vacate her home of 30yrs.then people say she has a bad attitude I wonder why.

  26. I use to defend Amy when it came to her and Matt. She has hoarding issues and os not easy to get along with. I cant see her boyfriend sticking around that long. Hes patient bit it seems she wants the new place to be outfitted just for her. Like it’s just hers. That home will never feel like home to him. I really can see why Matt moved on. She was very unkind to him. He was the one with all the ideas that GREW the farm. Matt will triple his wealth by making decisions and moving on with them. Je knows you have to spend money to make money. Amy doesnt have a clue. She needs to calm down and start sorting through all that trash shes got in the new garage.

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