Little People, Big World: Lilah Roloff Looks Like a Star

Little People, Big World: Lilah Roloff Looks Like a Star

When Tori Roloff found out that Lilah had dwarfism, she cried. Her son, Jackson Roloff, lives with the same, as does her husband, Zach Roloff. Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff said she knew what she stood for and that this could mean serious medical problems for Lilah Roloff.

Fortunately, Lilah has not treated many major medical problems. In fact, the LPBW family is grateful for the health of their family. Zach Roloff had many problems as a child, and the young family hopes it will not be the same for Lilah Roloff or Jackson.

Even though Lilah does not have any major problems, she remains behind in some of her developments. It took her quite some time to sit and crawl alone. But now she is making a lot of progress.

Little People, Big World: Lilah Roloff Looks Like a Star

Little People, Big World cutie Lilah recently got glasses to correct her crossed eyes. Her parents said that Lilah Roloff is their cross-eyed beauty queen. But when they said that, they didn’t know it was a real problem for the little one.

Lilah has 20/20 vision, but she needs the glasses to try to correct the crossed eyes. If the LPBW baby doesn’t get better, she may need surgery on her eyes. Tori Roloff told the fans that this year had been a rough year for the family. And a lot of people think it might have something to do with the problems with Lilah’s eyes.

Although Lilah Roloff needs these guys for medical reasons, she is also going to use them for fashion. The first pair of glasses she had was pink, but the new glasses look so mature. Viewers of Little People, Big World say that Lilah looks stylish and that mommy did well with the glasses.

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  1. O love seeing your family on tv. Thanks for sharing your life. Your kids are so darn cute, if i lived close i would beg to be their babysitter. Both of you are great parents. Tori is super women.

  2. My granddaughter has the same problem. She looks beautiful in her glasses and so doesn’t your daughter. They are both beautiful girls. Good luck with everything.

  3. I know that the kids being like their dad must be hard on you but they’re just so no darn cute and lovable and smart that you have two of the best and you love their dad who is like them so I think that a few years down the road it will get easier. You’re a fantastic mom and I think that you are very strong that I can’t wait for the new season. I love you guys and I send good thoughts and prayers for you ❤️

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