Will There Be A ‘Little People, Big World Season’ 24?

Will There Be A 'Little People, Big World Season' 24?

Amy Roloff has had a wide fan base since her LPBW appearance. Even though the new LPBW 23rd season has just ended, the fans’ love for her hasn’t diminished. As a result, she’s never afraid of the gratitude and the response of love she receives.

Therefore, the famous matriarch took to her social media to confirm a few important things. In fact, she finally got around to confirming that the 24th season of LPBW is already in production!

Will There Be A ‘Little People, Big World Season’ 24?

In the last episode of Little People, Big World, viewers got to see a new side of Amy Roloff. In fact, it was the first time she appeared on the show with Chris as a married couple. Because of this, viewers were fascinated by their relationship.

In addition, she also took a stand for her sons Jeremy and Zach when their father Matt Roloff wouldn’t let them buy a share in Roloff Farms. Thus, she ended up becoming a great mother. As a result, Amy spoke out even more on her social media. That’s when the Little People, Big World matriarch revealed the exciting news.

Apparently the 24th season of LPBW is already in production. So viewers will be able to see more of his and Chris’s adventures in the series. Well, the aftermath of the sale of the farm could also make for an interesting story. As for Zach and Tori Roloff, last season she was expecting her third child. So in the new season, the family of five, including kids Jackson and Lilah, will have to adjust to the newest member of their clan, baby Josiah Luke Roloff.

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