Little People, Big World: New Year, New Worries

Little People, Big World: New Year, New Worries

TLC fans who watched the 24th season of “Little People, Big World” saw Amy Roloff continue to thrive after leaving the Roloff farm. This season highlighted Amy’s new home with Chris Marek and the joy she found in spending time with her family. Unfortunately, drama still reigned supreme on the show.

Little People, Big World: New Year, New Worries

2022 was not an easy year for the Roloff family. The 24th season of “LPBW” showed the feud between Matt and Zach Roloff over the Roloff farm. Zach was hoping to own part of the farm property, but he couldn’t reach an affordable deal with Matt. Eventually, Zach and Tori Roloff decided to move away from Oregon and the Roloff farms to start a new life in Washington.

Amy Roloff hoped Roloff Farms would stay in the family, but Matt chose a different path. He recently reflected on the past year and how he’s heading into 2023 on Instagram.

Amy Roloff may be a little anxious going into 2023 because the future of LPBW is uncertain. With the 24th season ending soon, Amy doesn’t know what will happen to the series.

Tori Roloff also told her Instagram followers that her days with the series are numbered. And according to rumours, Matt Roloff’s girlfriend Caryn Chandler doesn’t want to continue. With all this in mind, it’s unclear how long TLC will continue filming the show.

Matt Roloff also posted on Instagram as 2022 drew to a close. In his post, he noted that his Roloff Farms lease plan is going well. Matt explained in the 24th season of “Little People, Big World” that while he hopes to sell Roloff Farms, he will likely have to go with his other plan, which is to lease the farm for a short term.

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