Little People, Big World Star Audrey Roloff’s Parenting Choices Ignite Controversy

Little People, Big World Star Audrey Roloff's Parenting Choices Ignite Controversy

Audrey Roloff, a star of ‘Little People, Big World,’ is facing criticism over her seemingly relaxed parenting style, causing waves among fans and viewers. Read on to discover the details behind this controversy.

Popular reality TV star Audrey Roloff of ‘Little People, Big World’ has found herself under scrutiny recently. A shocking video of her three-year-old son, Bode, running in front of a moving tractor has caused concern among viewers and followers.

Little People, Big World: A Worrisome Tractor Ride

Audrey Roloff, 31, shared the concerning video on her Instagram story where she and her husband, Jeremy Roloff, were seen cruising in their tractor on a bumpy hill. Suddenly, their son Bode is seen running in front of the moving vehicle, raising eyebrows about their laid-back parenting style.

The couple, who have three children – Ember, 6, Bode, 3, and Radley, 1, also drew criticism when they posted a video of their children playing in deep mud on their farm. Jeremy posted the video captioned, “Kids playing in the mud hole,” showing baby Radley falling in the mud while Bode ended up knee-deep trying to help.

Little People, Big World: Questionable Parenting Choices

Online critics didn’t hesitate to voice their concerns. One Reddit user wrote, “Auj & Jer patting themselves on the back with multiple posts [of] their children and their toddler getting stuck in knee-deep mud – are they flipping crazy???”

The comments continued, with concerns about potential health risks. Another user noted, “That’s the water where deadly super viruses live,” warning of possible dangers of standing water, including parasites and bacteria.

Little People, Big World: Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) and Baby Radley’s Swim Lesson

In the midst of these controversies, Audrey Roloff also posted a video of one-year-old Radley learning to swim through the Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) program. This program teaches infants to float on their backs if they fall in a pool, a method Audrey has used with all her children at a young age.

However, even this video drew mixed responses. In the video, Radley is seen floating alone without armbands, his head occasionally dipping under the water. Despite a man closely supervising Radley, some followers found this content triggering and voiced their concerns.

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