LPBW: Audrey Roloff Opens Up about Relationship Struggles with Husband Jeremy Roloff

LPBW: Audrey Roloff Opens Up about Relationship Struggles with Husband Jeremy Roloff

Reality TV celebrity Audrey Roloff recently got candid with fans on her social media about the ups and downs she’s experienced with her husband, Jeremy Roloff. A former star of Little People, Big World (LPBW), Audrey shared intimate details about their relationship during a question-and-answer session on her Instagram Stories.

LPBW: The Road to Forever Wasn’t Always Smooth

Responding to a fan’s query about whether she and Jeremy ever broke up, Audrey Roloff confessed that they had indeed parted ways for around three months before their marriage. She cited feeling “overwhelmed, stressed, and sick” as the reason for their temporary split.

“I think I had a feeling all along we would get back together, but I just couldn’t invest in our relationship what I felt like it deserved at the time,” Audrey revealed, adding that she used to be much more of an “all or nothing” person back then.

LPBW: Long-Distance Love and Reunion

Audrey Roloff also mentioned that the break-up happened over the phone since they were long-distance at that time. However, love found its way back, and they reconnected when Jeremy attended her 21st birthday party at her parents’ house three months after their split.

LPBW: Amidst Speculation: Their Love Stands Strong

Though their love story seemed to have a happy ending, Audrey’s recent social media activity has led fans to speculate about their current relationship status. She shared several unflattering photos of Jeremy from a half-marathon race they participated in, which led fans to perceive it as a subtle way of undermining her husband.

Despite the scrutiny and speculations, Audrey took to Instagram to give marriage advice to her followers. She reminded them about the importance of nurturing love amidst the chaos and not letting fear or external influences hinder the romance in their own love stories.

Life Post-LPBW

The couple, who got married in September 2014, are proud parents to three children: Ember, five; Bode, two; and Radley, one. Even though they are no longer on the LPBW show, their lives continue to be in the public eye, courtesy of their active social media presence.

Whether it’s the apparent competitiveness at the marathon race or Audrey’s advice on love and marriage, the Roloffs continue to pique the interest of their fans. And as Audrey herself says, their love story’s “beauty, growth, depth, strength, and power” has not waned, despite the highs and lows they’ve encountered.

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