LPBW: Living a Full and Happy Life

LPBW: Living a Full and Happy Life

LPBW grandpa Matt Roloff has finished another project that the grandkids will love. When TLC Grandpa started working on this project, viewers had no idea how beautiful it would be.

Matt Roloff leveled some dirt and started moving some logs over a month ago. He said it would be great for the grandkids to play in, but Little People, Big World fans had no idea it would be so amazing. In fact, fans said they thought it would be a simple children’s fort. Little People, Big World grandfather Matt announced that he has finished building his grandfather’s cabin. He said he was super happy with his new structure and fans applauded his work. Matt said good times are ahead with the grandkids.

Caryn Chandler of LPBW said all his hard work paid off. She congratulated him and almost called him “babe-uh,” but then said it was a Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff thing. Fans said it was great that he had so much support and admiration for his new booth.

LPBW’s dad, Matt Roloff, had other construction projects going on recently, but he didn’t build this one alone. In fact, he had an expert work on his latest project. Matt said he was tired of sitting in chairs that weren’t comfortable. He told the chair builder exactly what he wanted and had him make more chairs. Now that he has a few he likes, he’s had even more built.

Little People, Big World celebrity Matt said he took the design of a chair that Zach had. And he asked the builder to build him a similar chair. And it’s his favorite chair of all.

LPBW: Living a Full and Happy Life

Matt of LPBW has been slowly working to make his life as easily accessible as possible. From the chairs to his van that can now raise and lower, he’s working to make life easier. Matt has a lot of trouble getting around, but he doesn’t let that stop him. Little People, Big World couple, Matt and Caryn, recently went out to dinner in an interesting place. It looked like a little glass house they had set up for the safety of COVID-19. They said it was pretty cold, but they still enjoyed the experience.

Matt said he is lucky and grateful for everything he has. He said he knows he does a lot of projects, but this is what makes him happy.

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