LPBW: Amy Makes Major Strides

LPBW: Amy Makes Major Strides

Since Amy Roloff’s divorce from her LPBW star man, fans have seen her grow a lot. She is much more independent than before, and fans say they are happy for her. Amy has her own business – Amy’s Little Kitchen – which she expands every day.

When Amy Roloff from LPBW recently spoke to her business partner Lisa, she said she dropped the ball. In fact, she told her friend that she knew she wasn’t wearing her share of things last year. But her friend said she didn’t and she did great.

Little People, Big World’s Amy lost her mother last year and was mourning her in the house. Despite all the pressure, Amy stuck to her end of the appointment and got the ball rolling. Although LPBW shows her to be disorganized, but she disagrees.

Watchers of LPBW asked Amy Roloff if she was really as messy as she showed at TLC. Amy said she had things in her house for 30 years, and she had to land somewhere. And that’s what the producers chose to put on the show.

Amy’s friend said she was dealing with two things that were grieving. And no one bothered to mention that Amy missed her mother after she died and left the farm. But Amy from Little People, Big World shrugged shoulders.

She also pointed out that she is moved now. And that if viewers of Little People, Big World kept watching the show, they could see how she got there. Anyway, it seems that Amy has a lot of supporters in her corner. And she wants to meet them in person on a motorcycle tour.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. Seems to me Amy Roloff is still angry, and bitter. She should try harder to move on, and enjoy the current man in her life a little more. But, who knows, maybe her fiance, Chris feels like as long as Amy is angry with Matt, she will aim all her bitterness at her ex, and not him!

  2. Amy I give you all the credit in the world!!!! You have handled the situation with your X with grace and serve as an inspiration to all women who have lived through the nightmare of a cheating spouse. I only wish you would have thrown that cheating bastard and his whore off the farm and taken it all. You deserve that and more. I can only hope the show is still on the air when Chandler takes him for everything he has and leaves him broke and alone.

  3. I have watched love since episode 1 with my wife. the one thing that has never changed and will always be constant is matt’s ability to always put his welfare over everybody else’s. matt fools nobody and no matter how he tries to hide it, his relationship with Karen is older than what he lets on. when she finally gets everything out of Matt she can, then he will get dropped on his butt and he will find out what lonely is all about. best of luck to amy and Chris.

  4. I just Love and adore Amy Roloff..she is a true inspiration to all.she faces her struggles Head on..and Deals with them in her own way and always comes out on top..she is so courages..and seems to be so much fun..Having her as a friend would be awesome..I’M TRULY A BIG FAN!

  5. Amy, you were emotionally abused by Matt, while you were grieving and Matt should have gotten his sorry ass out there to HELP YOU. not be your supervisor. Good luck come on down to Palm Springs Ca love to meet you.
    Also, while it will be hard, let Zack buy farm and let him and Jeremy deal with it, stay out of it. As far as visiting farm later on? You have to remember you’re visiting your BEAUTIFUL grandchildren not “farm”

    Good luck,

  6. I think Amy Is doing the best she can. After all 30 years in a house that you raised 4’kids in & living with her then hubby Matt. It is bound to take a toll on her.

  7. Amy does seem to be angry. On the last show of the season last night she seem angry that Zach wanted to be in the house and be more of a help on the farm. She also went in every room and TLC would show a memory of days gone by. At the end she walks out and it seem as if she slammed the door and that is how the show ended. She just seems as if tho she can’t turn loose. Hopefully Matt can move on now with his lady. Best of wishes to all.

  8. Amy, I went thru the same kind of mess with my x and I know your so strong and can do anything. I hate to say Matt thinks that none of the viewers noticed his attraction to Karen(he is nuts)
    You have my vote on everything. Chris is a great man.

  9. It sounds to me like all of all of Amy’s men hating Lesbian followers are out in force today… you actually took time away from them view and Oprah ‘ to bash Matt Roloff without knowing the facts that have only been put in your pea brain by the producers of the show to hold interest in their Soap Opera

  10. Amy has been divorced from Matt for 6 years. She should have been packed years ago. Stop whining and get on with it.

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