LPBW: Amy Makes Major Strides

LPBW: Amy Makes Major Strides

Since Amy Roloff’s divorce from her Little People, Big World star man, fans have seen her grow a lot. She is much more independent than before, and fans say they are happy for her. Amy has her own business – Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen – which she expands every day.

When Amy Roloff from Little People, Big World recently spoke to her business partner Lisa, she said she dropped the ball. In fact, she told her friend that she knew she wasn’t wearing her share of things last year. But her friend said she didn’t and she did great.

Little People, Big World’s Amy Roloff lost her mother last year and was mourning her in the house. Despite all the pressure, Amy Roloff stuck to her end of the appointment and got the ball rolling. Although LPBW shows her to be disorganized, but she disagrees.

Watchers of LPBW asked Amy Roloff if she was really as messy as she showed at TLC. Amy said she had things in her house for 30 years, and she had to land somewhere. And that’s what the producers chose to put on the show.

Amy’s friend said she was dealing with two things that were grieving. And no one bothered to mention that Amy Roloff missed her mother after she died and left the farm. But Amy from Little People, Big World shrugged shoulders.

She also pointed out that she is moved now. And that if viewers of Little People, Big World kept watching the show, they could see how she got there. Anyway, it seems that Amy has a lot of supporters in her corner. And she wants to meet them in person on a motorcycle tour.


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