LPBW: A Happy and Beautiful Life

LPBW: A Happy and Beautiful Life

Amy Roloff of LPBW had a hard time leaving the farm. In fact, it took her months to get out of the house where she lived for almost 30 years. She dealt with a lot of Matt Roloff’s frustration because of her speed. But she is out of the house now.

Once she moved into her new home, TLC’s Amy of LPBW didn’t want Chris to move in right away. She said she wanted some time to herself. This was the first house she bought, and she wanted Chris Marek to wait until she got used to it.

It wasn’t long before Chris Marek came to live here, and Little People, Big World mother Amy said everything was fine. Chris did say that Amy has a bit of a challenge to get him decorated and designed. But he said he had to redecorate his playroom without any input.

LPBW: A Happy and Beautiful Life

As the holidays got closer, Little People, Big World celeb Amy Roloff started decorating. But it seems that her fiancé Chris had to help with some of the bigger tasks. In fact, he was the one who stood on the ladder and hung up the Christmas lights.

Amy from the show LPBW caught Chris Marek hanging on the ladder with his leg. Fans laughed and said Chris Marek had a “Clark Griswold” moment. And they said to be careful with the staple gun.

The viewers are happy that Amy is having fun with Chris Marek. And a lot of people said their new lights would look great. People from all over the world wished them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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