LPBW: Amy Gets Wild With Her Fiance

LPBW: Amy Gets Wild With Her Fiance

LPBW’s Amy Roloff celebrates the birthday of her special man, Chris. It seems they wanted to have an adventure for his birthday.

LPBW: Amy Gets Wild With Her Fiance

Fans of Little People, Big World love to see Amy Roloff happy with her fiance Chris. The couple is adorable, and they are creating a lot of good memories. The last season of the show was a real nail biter with Chris’ proposal.

Now that Amy Roloff is with Chris Marek, the two of them are spending time on a motorcycle. And it looks like that’s what Amy and Chris Marek decided to do to celebrate. Amy seems to appreciate the bike as much as Chris Marek does.

We all knew that the star of Little People, Big World Amy used to enjoy riding her bike, but now she’s doing some pretty cool stuff with her new man. From the bike to the prom she put on, it looks like these two are going back in time and having fun as teenagers.

Chris and Amy Roloff from the TV series Little People, Big World had been dating for three years before he asked the question. When he was putting the proposal together, he was so worried. It was really nice to see how terrified he was that Amy might say no. After all, it was all in front of the camera, so he couldn’t forget it.

As you know, Amy didn’t say no. In fact, she said a very enthusiastic yes. And everything worked perfectly, since Amy had just bought her new house with Chris’ help.

The couple seems to be doing very well. And since Little People, Big World is recording, it is likely that we will see even more of them. Everyone wants to see the footage of Amy’s video and Chris’ housewarming, and this will probably be on the program.

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