LPBW: Audrey Comments On SIL Tori Roloff’s Miscarriage Post!

LPBW: Audrey Comments On SIL Tori Roloff’s Miscarriage Post!

There were many rumours of feuds in the Roloff family. It was rumoured that the brothers didn’t seem to talk to each other and that they were having problems. Now, however, many things seem to be getting better and Little People Big World family members are trying to resolve the problems.

Previously, fans speculated that LPBW stars Tori Roloff and Audrey Roloff seem to be rivals and often compete with each other. But it seems that feud has finally come to an end.

LPBW: Audrey Comments On SIL Tori Roloff’s Miscarriage Post!

It was obvious that things weren’t quite right between Zach Roloff and his twin brother Jeremy Roloff. In fact, the latter seems to be completely cut off from the family and is hardly ever seen with other members.

Fans haven’t seen the brothers together for a long time and, rumour has it, their wives don’t get along either. Apart from being quite bitter towards each other, the siblings don’t get along at all. Besides, Tori didn’t even congratulate Audrey when she announced her third child.

Well, fans understood that it would be difficult for Tori Roloff to congratulate her nephew. Apparently, this is because she had a miscarriage recently and is still recovering from the loss. On the other hand, the story of a young mother announcing her third pregnancy on Little People, Big World without knowing she was going to have a miscarriage is more depressing than anything else.

Tori posted some pictures on her Instagram, talking about how hard it is for her to tell her story. The TV star also revealed that she and Zach are trying to get pregnant again, but the results are negative, so they’ll have to wait another month.

However, fans were all surprised when Audrey left a comment under Tori Roloff’s sensitive post. She said: “You’re brave,” along with a heart emoji. Well, Jeremy’s wife has been a polar opposite image among viewers. So this comment came off as quite shocking to them.

However, many were happy that Audrey has finally taken a step to get closer to Tori and thought her comment was heartwarming. The comment currently has over 700 likes and many fans have taken notice. They speculate that Tori and Audrey’s feud may finally be over.

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