See Details About The ‘LPBW’ Couple’s Nuptials!

See Details About The 'LPBW' Couple's Nuptials!

Amy Roloff’s long-awaited wedding is just a month and a half away. Well, the soon-to-be-married couple have already started planning their big day and Amy Roloff has even picked out her wedding dress. Now the rest of the family is getting ready for the big day too.

Recently, LPBW star Zach Roloff and his four-year-old son Jackson were spotted shopping. The two of them tried on suits as Tori Roloff showed off her man on social media.

Amy Roloff has been planning her second wedding to estate agent Chris Marek for months. With the venue already set, it looks like she’s all set. So it’s finally time for her loved ones to prepare for the day. Zach Roloff and his wife recently went shopping for his mother’s second wedding.

She tried on some suits alongside baby Jackson. Tori Roloff showed off her two hot boys, who were all over the place with their new looks. Both Zach and Jackson wore identical suits in the picture and looked absolutely beautiful.

In fact, even Jackson was amazed to see his dad. The little boy himself looked super cute in his small but oversized suit. It looks like they have found just the right outfit for Amys special day.

Well, Tori didn’t actually say that the suits are for the upcoming Little People Big World wedding. But fans assumed that was the case, since it’s the only big event coming up in the next few months. So now they’re hoping Jackson’s mom will start picking out her outfits too, because the big wedding is not far away.

See Details About The ‘LPBW’ Couple’s Nuptials!

Amy Roloff is tying the knot again and her upcoming wedding has become the centrepiece of the show. TLC viewers have been waiting to see the popular celebrity blushing down the aisle, but we may have to wait and see.

Well, the show’s current season will end long before her wedding ceremony day. So we won’t be able to watch her wedding on TV this time. However, fans will be able to see some pictures of Amy on social media. On the other hand, this event is likely to be in the next season of LPBW.

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