’LPBW’: The Future Of Roloff Farms

’LPBW’: The Future Of Roloff Farms

The future of Roloff Farms is uncertain amid the tensions of this season of Little People, Big World. Jacob Roloff’s wife Isabel recently clarified the issue of life on the farm after critics accused her and Jacob of lying about it.

Isabel answered some questions from fans in a Q&A this week. In the question box she told fans, “Make an assumption about me + I’ll tell you if it’s true or false.”

One follower wrote, “You guys live on the farm.” Isabel set the record straight, explaining that she and Jacob do not live on the farm, despite what many people think. She began her response by telling her followers, “False!”

Matt Roloff recently shared some of Jacob’s work that solved a “huge issue” on the 109-acre farm. Matt and Amy’s youngest son Jacob, 25, installed a shallow culvert, paving the way for a railroad track that could run over it in the future.

’LPBW’: The Future Of Roloff Farms

As Little People, Big World viewers have seen this season, the future of Roloff Farms is uncertain, especially now that Matt Roloff has put 16 acres on the north side of the farm up for sale with a list price of $4 million. Since he put the property up for sale last month, the farm has yet to find a buyer.

Matt Roloff is building his dream home on the farm, a significant change from the two-story mobile home (or DW, as he calls it) he has lived in since he and his ex-wife Amy separated.

Viewers learned that twin brothers Jeremy and Zach Roloff tried to negotiate a deal to buy the northern part of the farm, but both failed.

Jeremy’s wife Audrey told her followers on Instagram that the “death of a dream” for her and Jeremy occurred when Matt led them to believe that he would one day inherit at least part of the farm. Zach revealed that, for his part, things took a turn for the worse when he and Tori met with Matt and Caryn to discuss a possible purchase.

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