How Jackson Roloff Navigates Life’s Challenges on LPBW

How Jackson Roloff Navigates Life's Challenges on LPBW

LPBW star Jackson Roloff is growing up fast on TLC. He’s noticing differences with other kids his age.

He’s the oldest of Tori and Zach Roloff’s children. Fans adore watching his journey unfold on the show. Tori Roloff keeps fans updated on social media too.

Now in school, Jackson Roloff is a big brother. He started the family’s journey. Despite his young age, he’s faced challenges. Jackson is maturing into a fine young man.

Growing up brings awareness of differences. Despite his innocence, he notices contrasts with peers. Some say he’s too short for soccer. Like his dad, he loves playing the sport.

Zach understands Jackson’s struggles. He’s been through similar challenges. Zach supports Jackson and the family wholeheartedly. He hopes his kids find true acceptance in life.

Zach wants his kids valued for who they are. He shields them from pity friendships. Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff stand by their children always.

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