LPBW: Tori’s Kids Always Have Fun Adventures

LPBW: Tori’s Kids Always Have Fun Adventures

Tori Roloff always shares lovely photos of her children, Jackson and Lilah. But her recent Instagram Story may take the cake for maximum cuteness. Fans love seeing these precious moments.

Surely, they would watch an entire episode of LPBW featuring only Amy and Matt Roloff’s grandchildren. Luckily, the youngest Roloffs get plenty of posts on Instagram. In screenshots of Tori Roloff’s latest Instagram stories, it might look like Jackson is practicing her headlock and other wrestling moves with her little sister Lilah. At first glance, with the caption “Are they kidding me?!” it seems a very likely situation. However, it is probably the furthest thing from the truth.

What is true is that Jackson is sitting upright on the couch. He appears to be concentrating on watching television. Lilah is also watching the television, resting her head on Jackson’s lap. Then Tori Roloff catches a sweet sibling moment. Jackson leans over to kiss his little sister Lilah on the top of the head.

LPBW: Tori’s Kids Always Have Fun Adventures

From the Instagram photos on Tori Roloff’s profile, the siblings are always involved in fun activities together.

Recently, Tori Roloff took the kids strawberry picking at Lee Farms Market. Luckily, she got the kids there in time. Her caption notes that they caught them “on the tail end of their season”. Tori Roloff also shares that this is her first time picking strawberries. Judging by the smiling faces on the Instagram post, everyone had fun.

This trip wasn’t without an extra adventure. Tori Roloff is probably trying to ward off comments from internet trolls by explaining why her kids are barefoot in the strawberry field. She forgot her kids’ shoes.

However, she did manage to stop on the way to get shoes for Jackson. For some reason, Lilah didn’t get shoes. Consequently, the hashtag mom life fits the situation. Modern mom Jill Dillard chimes in with the following. “Adorbs! Love it. Half the time I’m leaning on the shoes I left in the car from last time so I can next time!

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