LPBW: Inside the Unconventional Life of Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff

LPBW: Inside the Unconventional Life of Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff

For Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff, former stars of TLC’s “Little People, Big World,” life is about authenticity, family, and going with the flow. Unbothered by societal expectations or public opinion, they focus on the essence of what makes them a happy family. Here’s an inside look at how they navigate parenthood and life under the public eye.

LPBW: Choosing Their Path

Years ago, Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff decided the type of parents they wanted to be for their children: Ember, Bode, and Radley Roloff. Unlike some parents who thrive on routines and structure, they embraced a more relaxed and free parenting style. Sweating the small stuff? That’s just not their way.

The Roloffs are the first to admit that their lives can sometimes be chaotic and unorganized, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. They believe in prioritizing what is most significant for their family and letting the minor details fall by the wayside.

LPBW: The Real Roloff Lifestyle

During a recent Instagram Q&A session, Audrey Roloff candidly opened up about their lifestyle choices. One fan asked her how she manages to clean the house, take care of her kids, and cook all the meals. Her answer? She doesn’t.

The idea of a perpetually clean house makes Audrey laugh. “I don’t keep the house clean. We do our best but, I’ve really come to accept that the house always being clean is not the most important thing to me in this season.”

LPBW: Outdoor Life and Bath Time

When asked about bathing their kids, especially with the amount of time they spend outside, Audrey Roloff was just as straightforward. “Honestly, no,” she said. She’s never been the bath-every-night kind of mom, although summer nights do call for foot baths due to barefoot adventures.

Being in the public eye, Audrey and Jeremy are no strangers to criticism and unsolicited parenting advice. There is a surge of social media comments and backlash after every revelation about their lifestyle. But do they let it get to them? Not at all.

The Roloffs handle their critics by mainly ignoring the negativity. On rare occasions when someone crosses a line, they do clap back. But for the most part, they skim over the unsolicited advice and negative comments.

LPBW: Enjoying the Now

In the end, Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff simply choose to relish their time and their lives with their kids, regardless of the chaos. For Audrey, life is about playing with her kids, working, exercising, and spending time with Jeremy, her family, and friends.

Written by Christine Cohan

Christine Cohan is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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