Little People Big World: What Are Matt Roloff’s Rules At Roloff Farms?

Little People, Big World: What Are Matt’s Rules At Roloff Farms?

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff is quite specific when it comes to what guests can and can’t have on the Roloff farm. Some of the current rules were recently made public. What guidelines has he put in place to protect himself, the farm and guests? The 2022 pumpkin season is already in full swing at Roloff Farm. Based on his social media posts, Matt Roloff seems very happy to welcome all guests and let them enjoy all that the farm has to offer. The fun autumn event looks set to be a hit this year.

If you’ve never been to the farm before, you might not know what rules guests have to follow. Matt Roloff doesn’t spend much time talking about it on social media or broadcasting. However, an insider who visited the farm gave The Sun some details that reveal just how strict Matt can be.

Little People, Big World: What Are Matt’s Rules At Roloff Farms?

Matt’s total assets amount to over 100 acres, but only part of it is used for pumpkin season. Visitors do not have the opportunity to explore everywhere on the property. An insider revealed that there are neon orange flags blocking off certain areas that are off-limits. There are also many signs showing visitors what they can and cannot do while at Roloff Farms.

Roloff Farms also has a float decorated for Halloween. However, a sign warns visitors not to climb on it. The source claimed that there was a sign in front of the Matt Roloff Farms hayride stating that the Roloffs are not responsible for injuries. Part of the sign read: “Climb at your own risk!”

There’s also a trail with tires that children can fit on. The insider pointed out that it looked like a good opportunity for a friendly race, but the sign actually kept people away from the race.

Written by Christine Cohan

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