Little People Big World: Pumpkin Season Of 2022 Met With Criticism

Little People, Big World: Pumpkin Season Of 2022 Met With Criticism

Matt Roloff rose to fame with his reality TV show Little People Big World. He has much more. For several years now, he’s been running an annual pumpkin season on his 100-acre family farm. Not long ago, he announced the upsetting news that he was putting part of the farm up for sale.

Everybody assumed that there would be no more annual parties in his area. But the Little People Big World star shed some light on this and revealed that they do indeed hold a pumpkin season. With that, Matt also hinted at a new attraction.

Little People, Big World: Pumpkin Season Of 2022 Met With Criticism

For Matt Roloff, nothing is more important than his 100-hectare farm. It has been part of LPBW for several years. For Little People, Big World fans, it’s abundantly clear that the patriarch loves the land dearly. Viewers can visit his farm every year during the October pumpkin season.

They’ll get the chance to meet the cast and also take a tour of the iconic farm. But they weren’t to be able to do that this time. As mentioned above, Matt has put 16 acres of the farm up for sale. Fans were of the opinion that tours of his farm will no longer take place.

But Matt Roloff proved everyone wrong by revealing that he is indeed preparing for pumpkin season this year. He even revealed that there will be a new tourist attraction this time around. There’s a ride coming up called the Pumpkin Express.

TLC viewers should already be familiar with the traditional train that travels around the entire farm. Matt mentioned on his Roloff Farms page that guests will have the opportunity to ride both rides. LPBW viewers were very excited about this and took to the comments section to say that they can’t wait for pumpkin season to start.

While most Little People, Big World supporters are happy that pumpkin season is back in full swing, others take a different view. For this, there are currently sticks on sale. That’s when people realized Matt Roloff was selling tickets for $27. They thought that was unfair. Viewers started saying that most of the actors like Zach and Tori and maybe Chris and Amy were not going to work on the farm. So it was unfair that Matt kept the prices so high.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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