Little People Big World: Matt Roloff Notices Missing Money

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff Notices Missing Money

Matt Roloff from Little People Big World said he has been super busy. One of his main projects is to get a chair that is comfortable for him. Matt said he has lived with uncomfortable chairs long enough.

In fact, Matt Roloff from LPBW is working with a chair maker on a custom chair. They try out different designs to see which one suits him best. Fans are happy that he will finally feel at ease.

Viewers of LPBW asked Matt if he would ever take a break. They said it seems like he’s always building something or working on projects. But it doesn’t look like Matt is a kick-your-feet-up type of person.

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff Notices Missing Money

Little People, Big World star Matt said he recently had a bizarre experience. He was pretty upset about it and worried he couldn’t make it right. He said his accountant warned him about some strange charges on his behalf.

TLC’s Matt from Little People, Big World said they noticed some small transactions and then a larger one. All charges were about $3,000, but Matt didn’t think he was making them. He tried to talk to the seller and find out what the cost was for, but they wouldn’t help him.

Little People, Big World patriarch Matt said the company should be ashamed of itself. But it doesn’t look like they helped him even after he blew them up. Fans said they were sad Matt Roloff had to handle those things, and he hopes his credit card company confirms things.

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