Little People, Big World: A Cozy Move

Little People, Big World: A Cozy Move

The engaged couple of Little People, Big World family planned their wedding date for sometime in the next year. But neither one of them gave an exact date or details. Instead, a hint that Amy Roloff threw out to her followers over the weekend left fans assuming that Chris was all set to move in with her.

Now today reports indicate that this is the case because Chris’s house is already on the market and has been sold within days. Not only did it sell quickly, but Chris also got $30,000 more than the asking price. Now the Little People, Big World stars are starting a new chapter in their lives together.

It seems he made a good investment by buying this house for $168,000 in 2003. Selling this house in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon, earned him $300,000 today. It sounds like he even saved on commission by acting as his own agent in the sale.

Little People, Big World: A Cozy Move

So, the house is sold and the next stop for Chris Marek is the excavations of Amy Roloff, who already looks like a homely paradise. All the special touches of this Little People, Big World mom, have created a cozy and welcoming place to retreat to at the end of the day.

The pictures of Amy’s new home show how much attention she paid to even the smallest details. Yes, she created a house that certainly seduces the pride of everyone who lives there.

It wasn’t easy for Amy Roloff to leave the Roloff farm, where she raised her offspring. But her new house, which she bought in 2018 for $598,000, has four bedrooms and four baths. This gives the Little People, the Big World Celebrity Couple a lot of space to roam around.

Amy Roloff’s new home suits her unique needs to be a small person. While buying the house in 2018, she didn’t move in until the renovations were completed. Now appears her new Little Person, Big World house tailored for someone her size.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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