Little People Big World: Matt Roloff Learns Technology

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff Learns Technology

Matt Roloff recently did a special video for a fan of Little People Big World. He said some nice things to them, and it seemed pretty normal. But it didn’t take long for the fans to notice Caryn Chandler coming up from behind Matt and champering on chips in the background.

Little People, Big World fans thought it was pretty funny that Caryn ate chips while Matt was filming Roloff. But this isn’t the first time she came in on one of his videos. During his self filming for the TLC show she also showed up unannounced.

The viewers laughed that Caryn Chandler might not even have known she was caught eating chips on tape. Anyway, it gave LPBW Watchers a good laugh. And viewers wondered what other funny moments might come to light later.

Little People, Big World: Matt Roloff Learns Technology

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff said he is not so good at technology. But despite that, he’s learned how to record himself without the camera crew. However, now that the film crew understands the pandemic better, the whole team seems to be back on track.

Matt is doing his best to learn the things he needs to keep up with the show. But viewers say it’s easy to see that the technology challenges him from time to time. And it doesn’t seem that Caryn pays too much attention to technology. That’s mainly because the camera caught her eating without her realizing it.

Anyway, viewers of LPBW are happy to get some insight into their lives. The last season of the show was short because of the recordings. And viewers are wondering if Matt should do more self-tape before the show and if Caryn will make a photo bomb.

It doesn’t look like Caryn is slowing down snacking after the vacations. In fact, it looks like she has found her favorite chips and is going to town. Caryn Chandler is back in Arizona with Matt after Christmas, and they are having a good time in the warm weather.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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