Mama June: From Not to Hot: Mama June Dives Back Into Fitness

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Mama June Dives Back Into Fitness

Mama June: From Not to Hot star Mama June Shannon is working out and losing weight. Now she’s back in her red swimsuit and she’s fine. She sure looks like she’s ready to turn her life around and get her body back.

June Shannon of Mama June: From Not to Hot recently kicked himself back into top gear and is in good shape. No doubt, she still looks thin in her red dress. Clearly, she put on a few pounds during last season’s shooting of her reality show WEtv. But she seems to have lost weight, fixed her tooth and she looks good.

Lately, she seems to be having fun reinventing herself and showing off her new body. Also, she seems to be closer than ever to her fans. Of course, it seems like Mama is on the right track to find her old self. No doubt, her family is proud of her progress.

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Mama June Dives Back Into Fitness

Lately, June Shannon, star of Mama June: From Not to Hot is back on the fitness wagon. These days, she often posts photos of herself in workout mode. Whether she’s at the gym or out for a jog. She also had a lot of support from her good friend Adam Barta.

Today she is full of positivity and motivation. Clearly, she is very different from what she was before. She certainly looks healthier and happier than she has in a long time. Without a doubt, her hard work is bearing fruit and she is on the right track.

Written by Christine Cohan

Christine Cohan is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. I feel sorry for her girls, cause she put a man over her kids. That’s not a mother. Karma comes around june

  2. June, praying you are doing this for you first off and then your children and other family. A man does not make you. In the future hope you really take your time to find love. Geno didn’t love you. You were an easy prey and he brought you down. Listen when someone says it is not good. You are somebody and stop letting Jennifer get in your head also. You and sugar bear has a child and you and him love Alana. Jennifer gonna loose him if she keeps it up.

  3. Mama June , I pray you are on the right track and doing good , I know your kids need their mama and so does your grandchildren.

  4. Get it together mama June your daughters and family needs you ps genomic is a complete loser

  5. Momma June I hope you are serious, get your life together, work on yourself and help your girls get on the right track, loose weight and get healthy with you. So when Jennifer see you, she will be picking her mouth up off the floor. Jenn was really trying to steal your life. She still have that fat walk, limping, and wobbly from side to side. What is wrong with her.

  6. Why… you have any celebrity at ALL? You are dumb, a horrible mother…….and if it weren’t for your daughter honey…….you’d still be a nobody. You have nothing to say I’d ever wanna hear!

  7. Hey Mama June. Every parent (person) has done “something” in their life to hurt or offend someone. Whether it was intentional or by mistake does not matter. What matters is “how the offender rectifies the matter” and it’s done in steps. People are very judgmental and unfortunately you are living your low moment before the world. (Thankful that was not me)
    The mind, body and spirit all need to heal June. Getting rid of Geno, drugs, unhealthy foods and toxic people (your mother, Jennifer and sister in law) is a great start. Your daughters love you and are waiting to reconnect. Stay your course. Love you!!

  8. Geno need to just be gone will June a get a family life br with here kids again and grand baby to i wish you luck a Screw geno don’t let the shit
    hit the fan go away for good from robert in Louisiana

  9. i knew you would get back on track , best of wishes June . You are a good hearted person ,nobody is perfect we all make mistakes in life .I don’t judge anyone everyone has their flaws and imperfections . I hope you get back on the show I watch it every week .

  10. Mama June I believe we all fall down and I believe we all get back up again. I will not look down on you or say things with hopes that it makes you feel any worse than what you do already, because I have to believe you do feel bad about where you was to where you are today. Your life will not be complete a gain until you make it right and take your place back in your family. You don’t want Jennifer to take Alana and neither do I. Hope to see you back home with your girls real soon. GENO YOU LOOSER!!!

  11. June I am so glad to hear you are getting yourself back on track and that you are well. The next time you see the girls hug them for me especially Honey Boo Boo and Pumpkin.

  12. Momma Meth June
    Hope you are away from meth boyfriend “Gen’O” fighting your demons. Getting back on track for your kids/grand kids and your sister seems to care about you.
    Meth made you look like a loss cause on national TV alot of people are looking down on you.
    Good Luck getting them to like you again.

  13. Idk if that was supposed to be a joke Lisa, but I can assure you that it’s NOT!!! Mama June has an addictive personality-whether it be food, fitness, men, or whatever & needs to go to rehab & reestablish a relationship with her family-WITHOUT Geno the abuser! If she can get away from him I believe she will have a better life

  14. Happy u are getting back in shape. Please get your daughters help they need to get healthy to.I know it is hard for Alanna kids can be cruel she is so pretty and out going.

  15. I really don’t see any good by posting negative comments. God Bless You June and Prayers 🙏 for your recovery and reconciliation with your family. No one has the right to look down on anyone ONLY GOD sits that high…. Namaste

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