Mama June: From Not To Hot: Mama June’s Decisions Keeps Impacting Family

Mama June: Family Crisis has finally revealed the fact that June has sold her house. Fans who follow the tabloids have already heard about it. But, this was the first time fans saw June this season of the show. It turned out that she never told the kids about her plans, so it was a big shock. The fans went to social media and banged June.

Mama June: From Not To Hot: Mama June’s Decisions Keeps Impacting Family

Fans of the WEtv show know Mama June was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia. Convinced to waste her money on drugs and Geno, they’re mad at her. Her actions disrupt her family’s life.

In reality, most drug addicts only think about the next dose. And she probably hasn’t stopped to think about how her teenage daughter, Alana Thompson, might be affected by her actions. Last week, fans saw that a suspicious SUV outside Lauryn Shannon’s house could put her family in danger.

June broke her silence for once and wrote them a message warning them that they might be on their trail because she owed them money. Honey Boo Boo was already upset, stubborn and fed up. Lauryn Shannon and Josh wanted them to move to a hotel just in case.

But Alana Thompson, she lashed out at Josh, we noticed. June really made an impact on Alana Thompson. But more bad news came to her. Mama June: Family Crisis revealed the shock of the kids when they heard about the house sale.

Mama June: From Not To Hot: Mama June Sells The House And Fans React Angrily

TMZ reported in October last year that Shannon sold her house in June. The outlet noticed that she could have gotten much more and that the sale seemed hasty. But now, it turns out that the family had no idea what her intentions were. Lauryn Shannon and Josh and probably Alana Thompson will all inherit the house. And keep in mind that it contained many precious memories for Honey Boo Boo. So, fans can only imagine the shock when June’s sister, Doe Doe, gave the bad news.

Fans went on Twitter and did a furious June lambast for what they just saw on Mama June: Family Crisis. An angry fan wrote, “I can’t believe you @MamaJune_BooBoo”. They talked about Geno. Saying, “You sold a house you paid for just to live in motel rooms?! Girl you’ve been set up for life!!!!! Get away from him!!! A lot of fans think she just sold the house for more drugs,which makes it worse,they think.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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  1. June, you don’t need to be a CDI chick! Codependent, Desperate, and Insecure! For the love of your beautiful family and God, please try to get it together for your own self and not a enabling grown ass man! Good luck, girl!

  2. I think the only way June has any chance of getting clean is to go to jail first and then enter a long term sober house for women after being released. She needs time to first get clean and then to work on her recovery. This does not happen overnight but can truly change her life for the positive.

  3. Come on moma june try and get a neither house with your money and start fresh and start over and make a new life together with the whole family and if your with geno new life and fresh start together.

  4. Fresh start a new begin together as a family all you need now is to buy a neither home and start fresh and call it a do over and call it we all want to see you mama june do good im reteing for you mama june i no you can do better. We all care you got this in the bag.

  5. I remember i said a long long time ago she was on drugs and her fan jumped on me saying she has eye disease i told them you can tell diff between that and on drugs and i was 100% right…sad though
    Get away from that fn loooooooooser he dont respect you one bit dont stick up for his ass he wouldnt do it for you

  6. Mama June get away from that loser geno look @ the mess u have created for urself and ur family he’s brought u as low as I can go u don’t care about ur children or grandchild it’s all about Geno and the drugs u deserve better girl u look terrible wake up and smell the roses look @ Alana’s pain u see what you created over a man

  7. It’s horrible to let drugs and a worthless man consume your whole life and keep getting you in trouble he’s no good how far down u gotta go ur kids should be ur priority

  8. Mama June….. You had it all woman!!!! The main thing you have is a beautiful family that loves you so dang much… I have 1 child…. And she was murdered October 3,2012 and I would do ANYTHING to be able to hug her or see her… Please please see what you have… You still have amazing children that you can make amends with… Trust me you don’t want to hug and kiss a Headstone and neither do your girls!!!… I miss you would call me because not everyone is out to get you sweetie…

  9. After everything she has done, she STILL says Alana CHOSE to live with Lauryn and Josh! What should she have done? Stayed in your drugged out house, with her drugged out mom and boyfriend? Watch you SELL HER HOME, AND EVERYTHING SHE HAD for drug money? Be homeless with you? Not going to school? Living motel to motel? You can’t pay the hotel bill now, as it is. What would you do with a child to take care of? You sick, twisted, brain damaged hillbilly pos! Leave her alone and don’t you DARE critize Lauryn and Josh! They’ve taken on YOUR responsibilities with no financial help from you. Be grateful!

  10. It’s funny how the report of “pumpkin” being hunted by people June owed money as being the reason they had to leave the apartment. The truth is, to much eating, not enough paying rent. That’s why they had to “flee” the apartment. We tv really thinks people are stupid. They should start a new show called ” saving honey boo boo’s life” A show about changing a young teenagers life. As the rate she’s going, she will weigh 500 lbs by the age of 15. Stop showing her eating, it’s sickening

  11. Dear Mama June I’m praying I hope get your life together we love you I want the best for you you deserve a lot more then what you think your family needs you I know you have it in you to do what it takes I miss you as much as your family so don’t give up the fight keep fighting for your life June we miss you God will help you through it

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