Mama June Spills the Tea on Anna Cardwell’s Struggle with Rare Cancer

Mama June Spills the Tea on Anna Cardwell's Struggle with Rare Cancer

Mama June finally reveals why Anna Cardwell has been absent from social media. Stay up to date on Anna’s fight against a rare, aggressive cancer. Don’t miss this!

We’ve all been very concerned about Anna Cardwell, especially after hearing about her battle against stage-4 Adrenal Carcinoma. So, where has she been?

First, let’s talk about this terrifying health crisis Anna is facing. If you didn’t know, Adrenal Carcinoma is just as scary as it sounds. It is a rare, rapidly spreading cancer that affects Anna’s left side. We have an in-depth article here if you want to dive deep into the medical details.

Anna Cardwell, bless her heart, has undergone four heavy chemotherapy sessions. Mama June said her daughter used TikTok to escape the harsh realities she faces. That’s right, our girl was MIA not because she gave up, but because she was literally in a world of pain.

Mama June broke the news during a recent live session with Honey Boo Boo. She spoke openly about Anna’s “good days and bad days” and admitted that the bad days were piling up. In fact, Anna was rushed to the hospital the other night. Ouch. Yes, Mama June described this as a “everyday process,” meaning the struggle is far from over.

Family Steps Up as Anna Cardwell Faces Choices

Mama June doesn’t just gossip; she takes action. She moved to Georgia to be there for Anna Cardwell during this hellish time. This is motherhood of the highest quality. And guess what? Anna hasn’t had chemo for three months now. So what’s going on there?

During the live session, Mama June revealed that, unfortunately, Anna’s body is not responding well to the break in treatment. Now the family is at a crossroads. Anna can choose clinical trials or consider immunotherapy. These are huge decisions and for now she has not made a choice.

We all know how much this disease affects their lives. But Anna’s resilience is admirable, and she is taking life “day by day.”

Written by Sarah Milner

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