Mama June Shares Heartbreaking Update on Daughter Anna Cardwell’s Cancer Battle

Mama June Shares Heartbreaking Update on Daughter Anna Cardwell's Cancer Battle

Mama June Shannon, the well-known reality TV personality from the WEtv show Family Crisis, recently shared an update on her daughter Anna Cardwell’s struggle with stage four adrenal carcinoma. The family has faced many challenges during this time, but they continue to put forth their best efforts in supporting Anna throughout her battle. Here’s the latest news on Anna’s condition and how her family is managing the situation.

Mama June: Family Crisis: Anna Cardwell’s Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

In March, Anna Cardwell announced her diagnosis of stage four adrenal carcinoma, an uncommon and aggressive type of cancer. Since that time, she has been receiving chemotherapy to combat the illness. Mama June Shannon reveals that Anna has finished two chemo cycles and is preparing for her third.

Mama June acknowledges that Anna’s second chemo session was especially difficult. She has suffered hair loss, nausea, and severe exhaustion, occasionally finding it hard to eat. Despite these hardships, Anna remains committed to keeping her fans informed about her journey through Instagram, posting about her experiences and the obstacles she encounters.

Mama June: Family Crisis: The Rarity and Aggressiveness of Anna’s Cancer

Mama June clarifies that stage four adrenal carcinoma is an uncommon type of cancer, impacting approximately one in a million individuals. The malignancy has invaded Anna Cardwell’s lung, liver, kidney, and spleen, all situated on her body’s left side. The severity of this condition has necessitated a correspondingly forceful therapeutic approach.

Mama June: Family Crisis: Family Support and Hard Conversations

Anna’s mom and sisters, Lauryn (Pumpkin) Shannon Efrid, Jessica (Chubbs) Shannon, and Alana (Honey Boo Boo) Thompson have all rallied around her during this difficult time. They’ve been offering their love and support while also having hard conversations about the potential outcomes of Anna Cardwell’s cancer battle. Mama June has been open and honest about Anna’s health status and prognosis, acknowledging that they don’t know what the life expectancy is for someone with this rare form of cancer.

Mama June: Family Crisis: The Challenge of Finding Effective Treatment

Mama June states that there is a limited number of doctors with expertise in managing stage four adrenal carcinoma. She mentions that the physicians they have consulted in the US appear to be more focused on “experimental” approaches, which could explain the intensity of Anna’s treatment. If the present course of action proves unsuccessful, the family will need to reevaluate and determine the next steps for Anna.

Anna has two young daughters, Kaitlyn and Kylee Cardwell, aged ten and seven, respectively. Mama June recognizes the heartache in contemplating the possible consequences of Anna’s illness on her children. However, the family is committed to ensuring the well-being of the girls and providing them with the necessary care and support.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

Hannah Gaynor is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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